Welcome 2018! Uranus goes Direct !

Hello Future! Dateline: January 2, 2018! The energy of surprise, excitement and individuality moved direct today opening a path for us to go for it!charturanusdirect

Uranus is the wild card of the planets because it represents our inner genius and…our inner eccentricity. Electricity, energy, science and truth resonates with the planet of unpredictability.uranusunpredictable

Planets are either moving station direct or station retrograde from earth’s perspective. These periods vary. Since August 3rd 2017, Uranus has been in a retrograde cycle; a time to re-think, re-do, and re-evaluate all the wondrous innovations we want to make in our lives. It’s been something of an incubation’ phase, and now, it’s time to put into practice all those ideas we’ve been toying with inside our brilliant brains.uranusidea

Brilliance is an excellent word for Uranus, and, it’s matched sign, Aquarius. As the modern ruler for Aquarius, Uranus is the planet which fulfills the mission of what Aquarius wants; freedom of self-expression, respect for diversity, and higher-minded exploration. Uranus has moved forward in Aries at the 25th degree; The sabian symbol is a `man possessed with more gifts than he can hold.’ This Uranus station inspires us to consider new opportunities. Uranus—a sky god—reminds us; The sky is not even the limit!uranuscartoon

Because Uranus is Aquarius’ ruler, and stationing in Aries, look to both the Aquarius parts of  your chart, and the Aries parts of your charts for guidance. Both signs—Aries and Aquarius—are `human’ energies. What issues, adventures, goals, experiences do you need to be the person you are meant to be? Think way beyond your self-limiting box; be brash and bold!supermoonsuperman

What this means for all us, using a large brush stroke, is that we are feeling an inspired call to `do something BIG!’ in our lives. Coincidentally the Uranus station is squaring the super Full Moon which greeted us this New Year, and, Pluto the planet of transformation. This configuration in astrology is called a t-square; a focused triangular shaped of energy which is poised to act.

Translation; we are feeling (Moon) that it’s time to transform (Pluto) our sense of security (Moon) in a direct, unique and innovative way…NOW! (Uranus)

Take note and listen to all signs, messages and inspirations as this first week of the new year unfolds.uranusprefertobe surprisedbyspeaking

And here is a key component; visualize what you are receiving. This cardinal t-square is all about out-picturing your ideas. Avoid judgement as you do. Play the role of the inventive genius; visualize the most exciting picture you can for those desires you repressed since the beginning of the retrograde way back when on August 3rd 2017. It was in early August when you perhaps needed to bury your sense of innovative adventure. That which you couldn’t do then is coming up for activation now.

The t-square involving Pluto, the Full Moon, and Uranus has what’s called an `empty leg’ which grounds the urgency of this energetic pattern. The sign of the empty leg is Libra; relationships, partners, sharing, and diplomacy. This means we are being asked the following questions; Who do we want to attract into our lives as this new transformational, exciting adventure unfolds? Whom do we trust?partners

How is the notion of relationship changing for you? How can existing partnerships fit into this new paradigm? And, if I need to attract a new partner for business, romance, or more, how can I ready myself?

Change, even `good change’, a promotion, a marriage, travel does and cause stress because we leave behind what is known. Uranus going direct offers us a chance to change this year.

If we are feeling it’s shock and awe as the new year unfolds, perhaps it’s best to play to role of the madcap professor uranusmadcapprof and simply allow our creative wisdom to soar to places unknown, and, trust the cosmic timing.trustunivers