What Others Are Saying

Cassandra and I connected in 1990. Ever since I have been reaching out to her for astrological information which is specific, clear, and on-target. She doesn’t overwhelm with jargon or `fluff’.  I have recommended her to all of my more spiritually minded patients. They all have been extremely happy with the way she describes not only life experiences but soul desires.

When my finance died in 2014 I didn’t think I could go on. A friend recommended me to see Cassandra for a session. Being brand new to this, I was frankly, skeptical. After a short prayer, Cassandra started to describe intimate details about my beloved with accuracy and clarity. She even described my fiancée’s brother who has also died. I can’t express my gratitude enough for having found Cassandra; a link to my girlfriend.

I met Cassandra ten years ago after she appeared on a television talk program. I was impressed enough to call her for a phone appointment and have been working with her ever since! Her guidance is amazing! About once a month I check in to receive her astrological and psychic advice and direction. Even though I have never physically `met her’ I turn to her for all sorts of life’s challenges. She has seen me through the death of my husband, job loss, and illness. Every time I confer with her I receive insight into present life circumstances , with specific dates to see me through. Over the years I have been to numerous therapists but none can compare to Cassandra’s wisdom and compassion. I don’t know `how’ she does it, but, I am convinced her gift is God-given.

I went to one of Cassandra’s ‘massage and message’ programs several years ago at the recommendation of a friend.  Expecting nothing more than a light-hearted girls-night-out, I had no idea I’d be meeting someone that I’d soon consider as my most trusted and cherished spiritual advisor of the highest degree.

Having had lots of experience with psychics, tarot card readers and mediums throughout the years, I can honestly say that Cassandra’s consultations address  what I’ve been searching for;  insight relating to my life path, soul-growth and the lessons I’ve come here to learn.  She is, in my estimation, the closest thing to a high priestess that I’ve ever encountered.  Her profound wisdom, intelligence and kindhearted wit make every consultation one that leaves me refreshed and spiritually satiated.