Meet Cassandra Joan Butler

Cassandra Joan Butler Astrologer - Western NYCassandra Joan Butler has always been a seeker of truth, dedicated to help others. Her extraordinary background has bridged both worlds; the traditional and the mystical. She was blessed to have been born into a spiritual family where the tarot was done after dinner! Both grandmothers were healers and mystics, and Cassandra’s Mom identified her daughter’s gifts when she enrolled at the Calasanctius School for the Gifted and Talented. She received a most incredible education from the Calasanctius School; her major at the accelerated program was religion and mythology.

Cassandra attained her social work credentialing from Cornell University, and later received a Master’s degree from Syracuse University. The thread in her education was her studies in astrology and metaphysics. After studies in religion from McMasters University Cassandra eventually became a non-denominational minister from the Sanctuary of the Beloved. To round out her desire to heal Cassandra became a NYS licensed massage therapist thereby linking all three venues of healing for mind body and spirit.

When Cassandra began her astrological consulting work in 1987 she built upon her counseling training, and religious and mythological background. The results were immediate and overwhelming, as Cassandra was able to work full-time in her chosen field as an astrologer. Always a believer in continuous study, she attended the major astrological conferences, including the United Astrology Conference, and today now presents regularly at the SOTA (State of the Art in Astrology). She studied with the late great ‘Buzz Meyers’ and was inspired by him to offer monthly `New Moon’ classes since 1996 . She is a member of the major astrological organizations, AFAN (The Association for Astrological Networking), NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research), ISAR (ISAR | International Society for Astrological Research), and has a special interest in the Sabian Symbol applications.

Cassandra weaves all her tools and 30+ years experience when she works with a client. Her purpose is to offer healing words for self-awareness, and empowerment. Her natural intuition and logical training merges to offer incredible insight and awareness for others as a consultant and as a teacher.

Dedication to the WNY Community

As above so belowCassandra has been a mainstay in the WNY spiritual and healing community for 20+ years as she teaches, at Fellowship of the Spirit, and the Lily Dale Assembly, Chautauqua Institution, the major spiritual centers as well as several local colleges. Cassandra ran a college massage program for ten years and was the first in NYS to teach ‘Reiki’ to college nursing and massage students. Cassandra is a frequent guest lecturer on various healing, and metaphysical topics to a host of business, civic and community groups. For fun, she offers history/ghost tours of the area. A special interest is the spirituality of the Roycroft Community, and, the message of its’ founder Elbert Hubbard. She serves as a docent for the Roycroft Campus Corporation and has discovered astrological insights concerning the community.

Cassandra is also a founding member of the Spirit Way Project and the Church of the Divine Grace, a non-denominational church for healing, and spiritual grounding.

 Juggling her many healing interests have been challenging, exhilarating and exciting. But at the heart of Cassandra’s life have been her children… Ariel and Adam. They are also her best teachers of spiritual healing!