TIME for a Change: Saturn in Capricorn

Buffalo NY, 12:00 am EST, 12/20/17: In this very moment….Saturn enters Capricorn & a new ERA is born!

Welcome to your new life friends! For the next 2 ½ years Saturn –the planet which rules rules, and structure, and the powers `that be’ will be transiting its’ affiliated sign: Capricorn. It’s as though Saturn—the energy of time, gravitas, responsibility and respectability has come HOME! What does that mean for us? Simply–life as we know it– will radically change.neptunepiscesdots-1

As you read this, pause, to VISUALIZE the changes YOU want to attract, especially where Capricorn falls in your birth chart. Over the next many months. Capricorn—a cardinal sign—resonates with the visual mode of our brain. The power of our imagination can and will lead us to our higher good, no matter what fear spirals from the impending changes.depersonalizationthescream

Our proceeding cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius, since September of 2015, gave us the gift of `gab’; rhetoric, discussion and philosophical musings. Moving forward we will be inspired to ground the gifts of thought and speech into the material word through innovation, and structural changes to our reality. This can feel, and often metabolize as revolutionary.

The last time we experienced Saturn in Capricorn was in 1989 and 1990. Can we even imagine a world without www.-the World Wide Web? It was in 1989 when the technology which `changed everything’  exploded from consciousness to practical application. The web changed the way we communicate, do business, play, find love, socialize, and, yes, even think.  The Berlin Wall crumbled in 1989, as did the communist ruled governments in Poland and Hungary. The world regrouped.

Previous Saturn in Capricorn Eras included 1961, the year of the Bay of Pigs, the closest brush with nuclear disaster. Thirty years before then we dovetailed into the Great Depression. Saturn in Capricorn is the time outside time, when, Saturn, the archetype of Father Time activates its domain; `reality.’saturnoldman

If you do believe….as so many of us do… that we can and do `create our own reality’, then work with the karmic impulse of Saturn in Capricorn.  Step into your authority, power and truth. Ground your most authentic self. We ultimately have a say in the molding and unfolding of our lives….and Saturn in it’s home sign of Capricorn says `it’s about time!’