The Turn of The Eclipses in 2019

The wheel has turned and it’s calling us to `come home.’…

New Moon in Virgo: Purity & Devotion

  With every breath we take we inhale life-giving (oxygen)…

Mercury Stations Direct: link the past with the future through the forever `now'

Contemplation is the key of today's mercury stationing direct:)

Mercury Retrogrades in Leo

Time for reflection and redoing as Mercury retrogrades

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer

  This solar eclipse has passed; 10:46 pm EDT on July 12,…

Jupiter Stations Direct

Get ready …get set… GO! Its full steam ahead for wherever…

Happy July 4th 2018!

Mars--the planet of all things hot: tempers, temperatures,…

Mars Retrograde; Anger or Innovation?

Hold onto your hearts; keep that blood pressure and pulse rate…

New Moon in Aries: April 15, 2018

Get ready to set your intentions for the New Moon in Aries!

Tips for Valentines Day 2018!

Valentines Day is a day to honor the loving expressions through release in our life...