Integrative Readings


My unique readings are as unique and different as my background and skills. I call them `integrative’ because I weave my major tools–astrology, tarot and psychic mediumship— into a client friendly narrative which offers you specific concrete and uplifting information and guidance. I avoid jargon and platitudes. I offer you not `fortune telling’ but the telling of your possible `stories’ which of course, are ultimately written by YOU. I use astrology as the mariners of old who used the compass to guide their vessels across the seas. Astrology is the map; your life is the destination.

A common misperception of astrology is that everything is `written in the stars.’ If this were the case all of us would be nothing more than puppets attached to the planetary puppeteers! The fate versus free will dichotomy is best balanced by acknowledging a simple holistic concept. As the outer world of the cosmos affects us…we also exert an influence upon our environment. To this end I am a believer in the law of attraction and in working manifestation tools. Astrology can and does smartly aid in these endeavors!

Nothing surpasses astrology in its ability to `tune into’ your personal patterns which are reflective of your psychology, your spiritual self your family dynamics, background and experiences. It’s all there in the chart! Based on the concept of the circle, astrology reflects to you the cycles of your life in ways which are astonishingly accurate.

As above so below reflectionBecause astrology is based upon the holistic premise of `as above so below’ the information gleamed from a chart reading is `archetypal’. I am well-versed in the analytical traditions of Carl Jung and will evoke the symbols of your chart to help you see their relevance to your life’s journey.

Throughout our time together I will use the tarot cards as a form of psychic mirroring of the information I am receiving for you. Rich in symbolism the divinatory nature of the cards are a touchstone throughout your reading. There is no magic `in the cards’. They are a tool I have respectfully used for over forty years.

At the heart of my consultations for you is the sacred space I enter when I read. As a medium, I employ my psychic skills honed since childhood to serve as a messenger for you. When I open our readings I pray the Holy Spirit to sit with us as I bring you messages from your loved ones. As a medium I am a messenger; a responsibility I take with reverence and respect.

There are many ways I can offer you an `integrative reading.’ In person is the usual route if you live within driving distance of WNY. However, I have hundreds of clients living throughout the world. Many of whom I have never physically met! We can use the phone, skype, or email interaction to communicate.

As an astrological `Neptunian’ with a strong Plutonian edge I have a desire to serve your needs by offering custom designed consultations for you. Select which consult which reflects YOUR inner guidance. Whether you choose a fifteen minute or an hour and a half session with me I respect your process, boundaries, and privacy. As a licensed professional your secrets are `safe with me’; your consult is kept in strict confidence.

As a first time client please select from a thirty minute, hour, or ninety minute consult. Over my thirty year practice there are no `rules’ of when to schedule additional appointments. Most clients touch in quarterly for full consultations, but if you are going through an especially transformative time in your life I offer up to six sessions over a three month period (at a reduced rate) which are more coaching/ counseling than consulting. In other words, these `coaching’ sessions help you navigate your particular journey complete with `homework’, and email support.

Once you are an established client, you may select a `mini-consult’ option which is a 15 minute session by phone or skype which addresses one or two pressing concerns.

If you are in the WNY area I invite you to attend my monthly church service to get a `feel’ of who I am, and how I work. I also offer `free’ astrological & mediumistic insight weekly during my live radio program; so call in!