Super-Blue-Blood-Lunar Eclipse!

A SUPER moon=a full moon at its closest orbit to earth which creates a pinkish BLOOD red coloring and receives the title’ BLUE moon for being the second full moon in one calendar month. WOW! Today’s celestial show at 8:27 am EST created quite the stir worldwide for its beauty and rarity. Beyond its’ astronomical significance what does it mean for YOU…emotionally, spiritually and physically?womanwalkingonpath

Eclipses are portals of change. The lunar eclipse, which is the disappearance of the moon, creates emotional shifting. THIS particular eclipse reflects directly backwards to the cycle which was born in August; The `Great American Eclipse’, of 8/21/17.

Today’s Eclipse is the emotional back-splash of whatever intentions you set into motion way back in August. A full moon–any full moon- allows us to receive another perspective on our feelings. We see `better’ by the light of the full moon. The full moon is positioned directly across from the sun, and therefore gains us access to a different point of view.

  • Because the  1/31/18 full moon/ lunar eclipse is in LEO, it is directly tied to completing your summer dreams of 2017. leoimageetherealWhat questions, concerns, goals and aspirations were  you experiencing? How have they changed? Leo is all about the heart; joy, bliss, creativity, plus romance and children. Look to where LEO lights up your chart. Today’s eclipse will assist you in crafting the holy grail of your soul.

To ground one sign we turn to it’s opposite. The Aquarius energy within your natal chart needs to be recast and reconfigured. Specifically the negative aspects of Aquarius which is : detachment, cold logic, judgment and group think.aquariusimage2 This lunar eclipse is asking each of us to surrender and release those cold indifferent qualities so that the brilliant warmth of our hearts’ desire can manifest.heartforwedding

Obviously the Leo and Aquarius energies are most affected by this whole eclipse cycle. If you ARE a sun, moon, or rising sign in Leo or Aquarius you are truly on a roller-coaster of emotion! However, because ALL of us have these energies somewhere in our nature these eclipses affect us all. I invite you to explore those planets & houses in your chart by  turning to my free app ( astrology 101) on my website, or, come to any one of my workshops this month on the eclipses OR the webinairs!

One more thing; The Leo/Aquarius polarity is fixed, meaning, these signs are powerfully fixated on not changing , bending or modifying their personal agenda. Since an eclipse pattern is about surprise!!, then it’s best to cultivate an open receptive mind to the creative principal of the God of our understanding. Meditate and pray today. We have two more weeks of exploring our heart’s desire, without making a `decision.’ Go with the flow now. Be open to downloads of added joy. Once the the second eclipse, the solar one,  occurs on February 15th THEN it’s time to truly ground our new beginning.