Psychic Readings

Psychic Mediumship Services WNY by Cassandra Joan Butler‘We are all psychic’. I am sure you have heard that declaration…and thought, `yeah but so & so is REALLY psychic,’ and I am not. I disagree! If you have a brain you ARE psychic, because half of the physical structure of our brains is hard-wired for symbolic, non-linear, irrational processing, commonly called the `right –brain.’

Professional psychics generally have a natural gift for accessing the creativity of the right brain most often from early childhood. Their subsequent work with clients strengthens what already is a natural tendency.

I have had the good fortune of having had the opportunity to maximize my natural psychic gifts from an early age, and, after three decades of working continuously doing readings I have the opportunity to fine-tune my technique. I have also developed a unique method of training others to enhance their natural gifts through the application of astrological knowledge.

earth-air-fire-waterMany psychics speak of the `three clair’s’ in the psychic field; clairvoyance (clear-seeing); clairaudience (clear-hearing), and clairsentience (clear-feeling). Added to that is the skill of empathy. Through research and application I have found that each of us has a specific psychic `style’ which dominates the way we gather information based on aspects within our astrology chart; air (clairaudience), earth (clairsentience), water (empathy) and fire (clairvoyance).

During a reading with me, I employ my psychic skills and create a specific rapport with YOUR psychic tendencies so you can have the most accurate reading possible. I also schedule your readings at the most `appropriate’ times so that the climate in the cosmos—(the astrological tendencies) are maximized for compassionate clarity in the information I share with you.


Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums employ some form of psychic skill in order to `tune into’ our deceased loved ones. Very simply, a medium serves as a conduit for messages from spiritual sources; guides, angels, and loved ones. I was first introduced to Lilydale Assembly —the world center of the Religion of Spiritualism—when I was thirteen. Since then I have had countless teachers—fine, generous mentors who have assisted me in refining my ability to connect. During a reading with me, I will shift from analyzing your chart to that of serving as your ‘messenger’. I pray to bring in only messages of the highest and best. Your loved ones want to be heard, and, as a naturally gifted clairaudient I will convey their words to you.

I invite you to attend the monthly ‘Divine Grace Church Service‘ to receive messages from Spirit, or, book a mediumistic reading with me as needed.