Introduction to Manifestations

Many of us have heard….and have used with a degree of success… the `law of attraction.’ Simply stated the LOA suggests that our thoughts are magnetizers of material manifestation. Focus on the `good’ and voila! positive experiences and results follow. And of course the opposite would be true; when our attitudes are negative the `universe’ responds in kind.

How might the LOA intersect with astrology? Do we really have the power to `consciously create’ our lives or is our destiny predestined by the stars? Does the belief and practice of our system negate the other? I address this apparent conflict by taking a holistic approach. I affect the universe….and the universe affects me. BOTH systems can and do operate simultaneously  and my `tools for manifestation’ courses and consultations can show you how!

During a manifestation consult we:

1) identify your deepest desire

2) identify how the universe ( astrology) is supporting your desire NOW and in the NEAR FUTURE

3) identify how the universe ( astrology) has provided the necessary blocks and challenges for your souls’ growth without being derailed by them!

4) prescribe SPECIFIC assists for:  mind ( affirmations) body ( self-massage & tapping) spirit (meditations)

The goal is to work with the COSMIC WEATHER ( the astrology) to maximize what you hope to accomplish. And , like, the weather in my hometown Buffalo New York, when it snows….you wear snowboots. Be PREPARED for any particular `outer’ force so you can focus on what is immediately possible without lapsing into despair or frustration.