Frequently Asked Questions

A birth or natal chart is a depiction of where the planets, sun and moon, and other celestial bodies were located at the moment of your birth. The natal chart resembles a  circular map, with the four directions. It is calculated using the birth date, birth place, and birth time. Think of a natal chart as your `spiritual DNA’ as it describes your potential; traits, talents and skills.  The planets are arranged within the circular map within `houses’, or , 12 divisions of the circular map. The houses have meaning as do the geometric patterns created by the planets called `aspects’

We live on a constantly spinning planet! Every 4 minutes the earth rotates 1 degree. Since there are 30 degrees in each of the 12 signs, the difference of 4 minutes can potentially shift your sun, rising, or moon sign to another sign! While knowing your time of birth is important, it isn’t critical to obtaining a solar astrological chart. A solar chart is calculated as though you were born at dawn; with the same rising sign as your sun sign. This will provide you with general guidance. The astrological guidance will lack the specificity of a chart cast with an accurate time of birth. Most birth certificates list the time of birth, which you can obtain from your city or county seat.

sun-moon-rising-signYour sun sign represents your identity and sense of self; your essential core. It’s determined by simply your birth date, and reflects one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Of course, there are not just `twelve types’ of people on the planet! Astrology is so much more than your sun sign. Each planet represents a part of you. For example your mars planet represents your yang, male energy, focus and energy. The sun sign along with your moon sign and rising sun represents your `astrological signature.’

sun-moon-rising-signYour moon sign, as with all the planets, can fall in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.  The moon changes sign approximately every two and a third days, and makes a complete trip around the zodiac approximately every twenty-eight days. This is one fast moving celestial body! The moon represents our ever changing moods, our mother, our mothering `style,’ our unconcious. It’s movement through the signs is an important component of `manifestation’ work.


Your rising sign or `Ascendent’ reflects the zodiacal sign which was ascending on the eastern horizon on the location of your birth. The rising sign represents your mask, your persona, the way you appear to others. It may be the same sign as your sun sign if you were born at dawn. The rising sign shifts as the earth rotates, so knowing your time of birth is essential for knowing your rising sign.