Mars & Venus Conjunct in Virgo!

There’s a new birth in the heavens today (8/24/19); The Mars Venus conjunction at 4 degrees of Virgo!chartvenusmarsconjunct

The wonder of astrology is it’s cyclical nature; whatever goes around comes around, and, whenever two planets `kiss in the sky’, or conjunct, a new cycle begins. But before you get nervous about finding `Miss or Mr. Right’ …today…consider the nature of this conjunction by identifying WHERE 4 degrees of Virgo activates your chart. It’s not limited to finding romantic love although with Juno conjunct the Sun we all want the satisfaction of having someone to `depend upon.’  New relationships are emerging of many types.

So let’s do some blending…

Mars is action, the energy of identity, ruling the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. It’s the warrior energy; pure passion! Mars is brawn and muscles, sweat and might, ‘yang-full’ masculinity. Mars’ job is to do the biding of beautiful Venus, the energy of soft, yielding yin femininity. Venus attracts, and Mars attacks. These relationship energies come together once approximately every two years based upon the length of their cycles. Mars takes 780 days to orbit the sun, and, Venus 584 days, meaning that every 32 years they will connect around the same degree of the zodiac.marsvenusglyphs

While of course these are `relationship’ planets, their interpretation can be widened to include much more than a relationship! Since Venus represents desire, and Mars represents the action to achieve that desire, then INDIVIDUAL chart interpretations of the conjunction varies. Suppose this conjunction is on your `Pluto’, the energy of transformation. This might suggest that as of August 24th 2019 you are committed and focused to achieve personal mastery through, say, nutrition, exercise, and spiritual development. Everything in astrology is always personal!

The sabian symbol of this degree is ‘A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies.’ WOW! Our imagination is being guided and activated by the non-local, non-material unseen universal forces.virgosab4degreesnature

It would probably behoove us all to connect with the numinous; the divinity-of-our-understanding. And by the way we might actually ASK for help/assistance/ in cementing our goals/desires. After all that’s the essence of the SIGN associated with this conjunction. Virgo is the purest form of dedication and devotion.virgoimage

In astrology, the conjunction begins the birth of the new impulse, and the subsequent angles formed between the planets form opportunities to test whatever is first manifest. This means that the 8/24/19 new cycle connects into the future with the following dates;

The square: (90 degree angle) on June 2nd 2020. We will be tested by whatever we began on 8/24 at Venus 14 Gemini, Mars 14 Pisces.

The square challenges us to be either resolved in our goal or to re-frame it entirely.

The opposition (180 degree angle) on November 9th 2020. Another test, this time as Venus is at 15 Libra and Mars at 15 Aries. This opposition begs the question; what can be learned from an opposing point of view, or, a conflict situation.

The last quarter square: (90 degree angle) on February 20th 2021 when Venus is at 23 Aquarius and Mars is at 23 Taurus pushes us to love it or leave it; the goal we are setting for ourselves over the next few weeks!

The next new Venus/Mars cycle is on July 13th 2021 at 19 Leo.

So what does this mean for you? First of all, identify where Virgo 4 illuminates your chart. Does it aspect any personal planets? Then you may truly feel fired up by the conjunction. Reflect upon the location of the conjunction by house, and even within your progressed chart. Of course I am always available to help you with this process.

Overall, I would suggest that you find some quite time this week to simply `be.’ Spend time in nature, as Virgo is after all an `earth sign.’ Spend time articulating your intentions by perhaps writing in a journal. Virgo is ruled by the planet mercury; it loves to play linguistically!


Perfectly Pure

Lastly, be open to the sabian symbol call of `becoming aware of unseen forces.’ This degree is often referred to as the `fairy’ degree. However you may perceive the unseen world; fairies, devas, angels, and saints, consider calling upon them to help you craft whatever your Venus heart desires so that your Mars warrior energy can do it’s job!