The Harvest Moon 2019!

Full moon cycle today, 10/14/19, until 10/18/19 is the time to receive illumination and feedback from the cosmos about the Libra ( relationship and balance) part of your chart. It’s not time to begin anew, but rather reflect within.

THIS full moon, the harvest moon, is at 20 degrees of Aries, the sabian symbol of the `boxer who enters the ring.’ The gift of the full moon cycle is objectivity. Observe where in your life you are `fired up’ and ready to `fight’ for whatever makes you feel alive! Seeing yourself reflected by the light of others is both enlightening…and a little intimidating. Know that you also serve as a mirror for your loved ones. Be gentle with your `feedback’ so that your words aren’t interpreted as criticism.

The full moon degree EXACTLY squares the power principal of Pluto. Squares are tension producing angles. Pluto rules which `lies’ beneath. If there are secrets afloat which need purging, then this is the cycle when the truth is ripped wide open.

On a lighter note, the full moon EXACTLY trines Jupiter, Mr. Jolly! Humor, irony and the theater of the absurd spontaneously percolates. All we need to do is sit back and watch the drama unfold around us. At the same time Jupiter rules `excess’ and exaggeration. As I write this, this headline interrupted my writing: “ Trump strongly condemns parody The president has yet to watch the graphically violent video depicting a likeness of him attacking opponents.”

In your personal life keep the jovial spirit of Jupiter alive so you don’t collapse into the trap of the mars ruled full moon of endless bickering and `fighting like a boxer!’

A positive practice of any full moon cycle is to do mirror work. Literally look into the mirror and communicate your truth to yourself. Throw in some positive feedback for good measure. If you can’t love and appreciate `you’ then who will?

The next moon phase falls on Friday October 18th at 10:14 pm EDT, the disseminating cycle of communication and analysis. The moon will be at the 25th degree of Gemini, ‘ winter frost in the wood.’ Some of the passion and drama experienced over the next few days will be on frozen pause for next weekend; a welcome relief!