Mercury Stations Direct: link the past with the future through the forever `now’

Not all mercury retrogrades are alike and not all mercury station directs are alike. Not-thing is exactly alike because the moment of `now’ is not the moment of the past or the future. Yet… we know this…there is an eternal now which connects every moment of linear thought, action and experience.

And that linkage between yesterday and tomorrow is one message of today’s mercury stationing direct at 12 degrees of Leo at 12: 25 am Sunday August 19th. The sabian symbol is: `the old sea captain sitting on his porch on his rocking chair.’sableo12oldmanrocking

Rocking is a most soothing action; repetitive, fluid, and comforting. We imagine the sea captain is evaluating his life, perhaps, recalling maritime adventures of long ago. How are you reflecting upon your past today?  The mercury direct is helping us link the past with the present with the anticipatory future as the planet of mind and logic moves forward.

The rocking sea captain invites us to reflect upon our lives; contemplation is the key. There is a singularity of this symbol; make time just for you, to `hear yourself think,’ as my Mom used to say!  Here is a question for you; as you awoke this morning did you receive any specific guidance? Think about your `Leo’, your creativity, and joy, your bliss and passion. Are your goals now beginning to be more clearly outlined within?

Leo’s ally, the sun, is shining brightly within your mind. Lighten up, brighten-up and be positive as mercury courses forward.seawoodenbench

Of course, just because mercury is `direct’ doesn’t mean we want to unload every unexpressed thought! It is still moving through it’s `shadow cycle’, which means now until September first-ish, mercury is still in its re-working phase. Mindfulness is still the order of the day. It’s better to be `mum’ than to say something you might regret.

Do communicate to someone, however; yourself. Be like the wise old sea captain sableo13seacaptainreflecting upon all those wonderful adventures of yesterday as you begin to craft new goals for your future. You may find yourself unconsciously weighing goals against a simple Leo-like criteria; are my goals heart-filled and reflective of my unique passions and desires? And, oh, are the goals `fun?’Image result for sun images

That’s the message today; do what you love and the bliss will follow!