New Moon in Virgo: Purity & Devotion


With every breath we take we inhale life-giving (oxygen) and let go of what’s toxic (carbon dioxide) to create the body (Virgo) we navigate this world in. The exchange of chemicals in respiration is symbolized by the messenger planet, Mercury; the little guy with the winged helmet. Mercury rules self-possessed, serene, Gaia-goddess, Virgo. Virgo represents soma; the body. And today at 2:01pm the sun and moon kiss in the sky forming the New Cycle in Virgo.Moon in Virgo

In OTHER words!! Today is the day to manifest the idea (mercury) of whatever healthy body you desire ( Virgo) through the deliberate and active affirmation ( mercury) of what it is you wish to create.

Virgo energy represents purity, perfection, dedication and devotion, all wrapped up in the image of the Divine feminine. No wonder the traditional birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mother is September 8th.

Draw, write, imagine a new you AFTER the moment of new-ness at 2:01 pm EDT. (Before the New Moon exhale what you want to release). When you’ve captured your ideal vision for yourself infuse it with prayer, prayer, prayer.

The sabian symbol of this new moon is that of the `Ouija board’ a tool of divination known to elicit many stories of unwanted spirit infiltration. Which leads us to the instructions for this, the new moon day; Pray & Pray.

Since Virgo represents the purity of the Divine Feminine, AND, since mercury ruled Virgo is one of the communication signs, AND since the sabian symbol is one of the divining information (albeit through a sketchy avenue) THEN the question which arises is this: WHERE and HOW do you receive your divine inspiration? I, for one, err on the sign of caution with this. We are, after all, not alone in this universe. There are a lot of voices out there clamoring for our attention. Choose wisely as you hear the words of the Divine other. A major trait, after all, of Virgo is discrimination.

Happy New Moon in Virgo!