Mercury Retrogrades in Leo

Mercury retrograde seem to generate a bit of nervous anticipation, even among people who’ve never seriously explored astrology. Clients ask, `it’s a bad thing, right?’ whenever it occurs.

The answer I generally give is this; mercury is no more bad' than a good night's sleep! Mercury retrogrades about a third of the time, the approximate proportion of our life spent sleeping. One third of our day is allocated to rest while a third of our collective time mercury is retrograde–the time this planet of logic and communication…rests.

Mercury represents the planet of linear connections; logic left brained analysis. When it’s retrograde it is not the time to make logical decisions based upon the meaning of mercury which is communications, contracts, travel. In other words, if you can, avoid signing important contracts, including ones associated with cars, computers, or marketing. It IS, however, the best time to shop, edit, reflect and redo.

While most of us are familiar with the anecdotal research pertaining to mercury retrograde, the Kepler Conference is doing research into this phenomenon, and, so much more. I am honored to be a part of a group of astrologers who apply rigorous research to their work. Check out the Kepler Conference 2019 where science meets astrology : .

This particular mercury retrograde occurs from the 23rd degree of Leo, on July 26th,  until the 12th degree on August 19th. This suggests we are reframing the Leo qualities of our life as reflected by our charts. For example, a Leo sun person might use this time to reflect upon their personal identity, while, the Leo  energy in the career house of another person might be rethinking their career path.

Since Leo represents the qualities of joy and creativity, playfulness and bliss, collectively we may be undergoing a period of identifying what gives us pleasure. During this retrograde make a commitment to discovering how your heart is leading you to your joyful purpose.

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It’s all about intentions; Intend to have a wonderfully reflective and productive mercury retrograde!