Full Moon Cycle – Oct 27, 2015

Full Moon Cycle started today Tuesday(!) AT 8:05 am when the moon/sun opposition was at 4 degrees: Taurus Moon/ Sun Scorpio. Sabian symbol wisdom blends` the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ with that of the ‘Youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual. ‘Let’s do a little exploration with the images, Yes? Both images refer to `light’; a rainbow displays the light spectrum, the primary colors, the chakra colors… A rainbow is the bridge between heaven & earth....not a bridge of `matter’ but of light. The most recent societal association of `rainbow’ is that of sexual inclusivity in marriage. At the same time…when we light a candle as a gesture of devotion we are focusing our awareness and intention on something greater. In essence we are building a `bridge’ to the divine, inviting the numinous to be with us. Lighting candles within churches have long been an exercise in prayerful supplication. candle-dark

Perhaps… this full moon is presenting us with an opportunity to connect with the `light’ of spirit.

pot-goldPerhaps it’s asking us to find the `pot of gold’ …(which of course isn’t `material riches’) but spiritual treasures at the end of the elusive rainbow.Perhaps we should focus our intent to connect with the God of our understanding by indeed lighting a candle. Allow the flame to be a sign of the divine spark within…stretching upward outward & beyond. The third image of course is the LUMINOSITY of the FULL MOON. Let it light the way to Divine Grace!