libra goddess

On your mark…get set… GO! At precisely 8:06 pm EDT Monday the 12th the sun & moon will be `kissing’ ( conjunct) at 19 degrees of Libra creating our new NEW moon for the month. The sabian symbol for 19 Libra is ` A Jewish Rabbi performing his duty’. So! let’s integrate!

The new moon is the time to set your intentions…but please do so AFTER the moon is new (8:06 pm) not before, as the time before the new moon is best for letting go and releasing. Once the new moon `has arrived’ be aware of what intentions bubble forth from your awareness, and, like a studious Rabbi of old; take note,study and perform your internal duty.


Libra is about balance & beauty & sharing. I have noticed…that successful `business types’ tend to have an abundance of Libra in their charts because people like doing business with `like-minded’ people, or, people they `like!’ That’s obvious of course! But as usual the astrology backs this up. Because the new moon asks us to `share’ and `study’ this cycle would be an excellent one for connecting with your particular source of truth and understanding. Open up a `good book’: The Talmud, the Bible, A `Course in Miracles…and apply these truths to your life. Of course a post on Libra would be incomplete without emphasizing it’s aspect of BEAUTY & LOVE. `Study’ ways to bring both into your life. Be like a dutiful Rabbi…and apply the sacred to your unfolding this cycle. You have a week to set your intentions; see what comes through from 10/12 to 10/19! Happy New Moon!