New Moon in Aries: April 15, 2018

Winter-weary Western New Yorkers are wondering when will spring weather finally arrive? Best cosmic estimate is Sunday April 15th! The 15th is the day of our new moon in Aries this year; the sign of beginnings, spring, and the first fire sign. So… take heart, green will once again grace our world!springflowers

Any new moon is a time to plant proverbial seeds, and, to visualize intended outcomes. This is especially true for the new moon in Aries, the first of the zodiacal signs. In some ways the energy of spring is more of a `new year’ than January first, and, the new moon in Aries signifies the first impulse of starting over.

The new moon occurs (when the sun and moon are in the same degree of Aries) at 9:57 pm EDT. Try this: mediate, and pray, and set your intentions after 9:57 pm. (This of course will work best if your bedtime is after this time!)  newmoonsetintensionsAs you sleep Sunday you could awaken on the 16th  with a more inspired strategy for one of your goals.

THIS year the new moon in Aries falls just after another restart of sorts; mercury stationing direct. Mercury—communication, logic, and connections—has been mercury1betterretrograde since March 22nd. Have you noticed that these past few weeks have been a time of greater reflection, redo, and reconsideration? Where Aries falls in you chart has been the apex of all this mental chatter. With the new moon comes the not only intention setting, but greater clarity of thought as you identify exactly what you DO want!

The sabian symbol for our new moon is  26 degrees of Aries-‘through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.’ This is the degree of `second chances.’secondchance

What a delightfully hopeful degree, as we gear up to plant the seeds of a fresh start! It gets better. Uranus, the energy of electrification, excitement, originality and innovation joins the new moon by conjunction. This means the more daring and bold the goal the better. Uranus has only one more month to complete its’ redefining impulse which began way back in 2011. It’s time to make that leap in consciousness. Aries is all about `definition’ of self. This new moon is all about exclaiming to the world; `I AM!’ And of course, it’s up to YOU what follows the proclamation.ariesimage

Aries’ ruler, Mars is the winner-take-all planet; competitive, aggressive and motivated. At this new moon Mars in Capricorn is creating the aspect of easy-flow, a trine, to Venus’s placement in sensual Taurus. At the same time, Mars is making a supportive sextile to imaginative Neptune/Juno. In the realm of romantic relationships this suggests we want more than a feisty night with our partner. A good dash of grounded stability is what will really ignite our passion.groundedlovers

Jupiter opposite Venus at the New Cycle suggests a see-saw of all or nothing as we could vacillate between what’s `good for us’ and what we `crave’ in the arena of desire; relationships, work, even food choices. The opposition begs the quest for balance; easier said than done.newmoonaries18

After many months, the intense Pluto square Uranus aspect is losing some of it’s steam, yet it’s drama still casts a wide net. We have been living through a long cycle of knowing the `time’ has come to make commitments `now’ to whatever our heart (Leo’s north node) desires.  It all just seems a bit out of reach! What’s significant about this new moon is the Uranus influence-propelling us just `go for it!’  Uranus offers a blast of confidence overriding the caution of Capricorn. One more hurdle to overcome is the inertia suggested by Jupiter in Scorpio, retrograde, and inconjunct to the new moon. This aspect reminds us that successful results rest upon detours. Enjoy the journey it seems to say. At the same time, the aspects remind us to`do now’ yet continue weave dreams, big ones,  for tomorrow.