Happy July 4th 2018!

Mars–the planet of all things hot: tempers, temperatures, aggression, and activity is RETROGRADE in the dry detached sign of Aquarius. So far this summer SO hot. You aren’t alone if your are sweltering; this heat wave is winding its way among some 60 million people, and, is expected to continue this holiday week. Why THIS summer? Let’s take a look at the BIRTH chart of the USA.chartUSA
It’s exciting to know this: every-thing has a chart. The inception of a business, an idea, a relationship ( wedding) and  even a country has an astrological signature or chart. I have learned, through a colleague and friend ( retired military & a high-ranking Mason) that the founding fathers ( who were largely Freemasons) CREATED the USA  when they began to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 at 5:10 pm in Philadelphia.founding-fathers
Card-carrying Freemasons know astrology. It’s simply part of their training. They knew they wanted to create a country with a MOON in the inclusive, independent, progressive and brilliant sign of Aquarius. They knew they wanted a country reflecting the forward thinking sign of its RISING; Sagittarius. And lastly…. The SUN sign is in the sensitive, nurturing, and protective Cancer energy. These three signs form a YOD, or, `finger of God’ a configuration which reflects a sense of destiny through ….adjustment! Union through diversity.
THIS year the solar return chart of the USA has the MARS retrograde positioned right along the `south node’, or, karmic point of the USA birth chart, along with Black Moon Lilith. This suggests that we, collectively, are `feeling the heat’ symbolically and literally. At the SAME time CHIRON, the wounded healer, is conjunct the nation’s SR moon in Aries. There is a deep yearning to HEAL the wounds in a deliberate, aggressive manner. the issue is this; the ruling planet of Aries, MARS, is RETROGRADE in the SR chart of the USA this upcoming year. This suggests frustration….in the `how to’ of this healing.chartUSASOLARRETURN18.JPG
The frustration we feel is  real, and, reflected within the heavens. No words…no answers…yet I would suggest we all might reflect upon our own individual relationship with these two celestial bodies, Mars and Chiron. which will be in retrograde for some time. Emphasize the Re in retrograde; re-flect, re-mind, re-consider issues of anger, healing, aggression and woundedness. It’s going to be a summer to re-member! And to help you along the path consider the following offerings!
1) The Astrology of Healing: Chiron and Uranus in Taurus
July 7th at 7:30 pm at Dawn Fire Sanctuary in WIlliamsville

2) The Moon: Lunar Lights Along the Path
July 18th, Wednesday, at  7:00 pm Lilydale Assembly

3) `Coming Home’ : the Eclipse Shift into cancer this Summer
July 22nd, Sunday, at 9:00 am-5:00 pm at Fellowships of the Spirit