Free Speech? Virgo: Time for Discernment!

It’s Virgo time…time to discern, discuss and analyze the marketplace of ideas. Virgo is mercury ruled; the archetype of thinking, speaking and communication. virgoimageVirgo is known for its ability to examine and explore the details of any philosophical debate. Gemini, the other mercury ruled energy gathers data; Virgo makes sense of it.

In the world today we are reeling from the sustained virus crisis and it’s domino effect on every aspect of life most notably the world economies and the pervasive sense of malaise mentally and socially.

Whenever any of us faces any crisis we reach for the `facts’ and make subsequent choices based upon that data. Adults then live with the consequences of whatever choices one makes….in business, or in one’s personal life. That’s what any reasonable adult does; that’s what we teach our children.

This present crisis is like no other. Because of the mis-mash of contradictory information coming at us from all angles it’s difficult to apply our logical `Virgo’ temperament to do what’s right for us. The quality of our conclusions and ultimate decisions rests upon the free access to data. mediafirstammendmnerCENSORThat’s why the first amendment of the USA is the backbone of the country: ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

How do we reach our conclusions about anything? Through the data at hand, of course. In the `distant past’ that data was housed in libraries. libraryToday it is digital platforms which we turn towards to seek answers from everything from driving directions to the latest research on covid-19.

We `treat’ a google search as if we were tapping into the Dewey Decimal System of old. (You know that Library system of organizing data!) But google is not your corner Library. And googles’ chairman, Sundar Pichai is not a first amendment advocate who champions freedom of expression. Recently, the man who makes $226,000. an hour, fired an employee who questioned his diversity policies. Critics called him hypocritical for squelching a diverse point of view at Google, regarding diversity policies.( http:// ) He has also been accused of `rigging’ google searches to favor progressive and left-leaning agendas. In 2018, Pichai testified before congress and declared that manipulating the Google algorithms would be too difficult to do. I guess a lot has changed in two years, because the google algorithms have certainly erased information I had easily located previously….aquarianmatrix

Pichai, like his predecessors at Google are trans-humanists, who see a future connected where humans are connected to a not just the `world wide web’ but an actual `super computer’ which melds with each of us. “Ray Kurzweil – probably the world’s most famous Transhumanist, who works for Google – thinks “the singularity” (the point at which artificial intelligence becomes so smart that it starts making even smarter versions of itself, leaving us mortals trailing behind) will be with us in 2045.” transhumanface(’s,It’s%20a%20terrifying%20prospect.)

Make no mistake… google, FB, and You tube are not designed to offer us mere mortals unlimited uncensored information. Quite the contrary. They are privately owned megalithic entities which control the flow of information to the masses. Most recently there has been instance upon instance of censorship on these platforms. You know the instances, documentaries (Shadow gate & Plandemic Two) and the press conference featuring medical doctors in support of covid-19 treatment contrary to the mainstream narrative.


Call me old fashioned, or, better yet, call me an honorary `Virgo.’ I like the free-flowing access to diverse points of view. I am a natural born researcher. I am the original `conspiracy researcher’ by the way! When I was thirteen years old me and my parents, along with two state troopers, watched in awe as a `real live’ UFO hovered over our rural pond in Elma New York. It was the late 1960’s, and I remember hitting up the University of Buffalo in search of any information. I found a lot on `Project Blue book’. I also found some pages ripped out of a scientific journal detailing some of the UFO sightings!  I was angry. Someone blocked my access to information!!mediastress


And so it is today. The digital platforms are making `judgments’ (Capricorn control) over who can and cannot express their viewpoints. Are there contrary viewpoints `out there’? Of course. Are we sophisticated enough to use our God-given `Virgo temperament’ to discern the truth for ourselves. I believe so!



In my research, I have come across two platforms which are, to date, `censor free’; `RealLondon, and bitchute. Explore some of the voices on these platforms, including David Icke, Amazing Polly,, and the producers of the `Plandemic Series.’ I know…it’s so difficult to do `your own research’ when it’s hard enough to just keep the lights on during this crisis! But when you do have time, this Virgo cycle is best to discern, research and make your own judgments. LINKS:
( ) and bit chute has the Plandemic 2:


I believe that during this time of the north node in Gemini, it is more important than ever to safeguard the free flow of data in the marketplace of ideas. I ALSO believe that Virgo, logic and discernment, rests upon its opposite sign, Pisces. Pisces represents the intuitive spiritual part of our natures. This is why I am inspired to do the spiritual development work that I do, including the meditations, so we can enhance and develop that part of ourselves which gleams truth through the connection with the universal divine spark.prayer-meditation-differences

Going forward this fall I will be offering several development classes which are connected to the wisdom of astrology to strengthen YOUR ability to discern, see the truth, and connect with your own inner star.