The Solar Eclipse in Cancer


This solar eclipse has passed; 10:46 pm EDT on July 12, 2018. How did you sleep? Any interesting dreams or insights this morning? Make note of your feelings as you begin your Friday the thirteenth. It’s a new day, reflected by a new eclipse cycle which only comes about once every nineteen

Solar eclipses represent a shift in qualitative identification. Its as if a portal opens challenging us to reconsider that area in our chart which is being eclipsed. Most affected are the Cancer sun signs, the Cancer rising signs and Moon signs, followed by Capricorn Sun, Capricorn rising signs and Moon signs. ALL of us are affected in some way.

Cancer is the sign of home and belonging, sensitivity and feelings, food and nurturance, protectiveness and defensiveness. The solar eclipse offers us a new, and sometimes surprising perspective on these qualities. It’s an initiation into a new way of naming what `feeds us’. It’s as if we have an opportunity to move into a new place of psychological comfort.cancerimage

Before the comfort comes the challenge. Eclipses can initially feel unsettling and disorienting. What is an eclipse? That which we know to be true— and predictable— sunlight and/or moon light, disappears before our very eyes. And then; voila! The light returns….

You could say experiencing an eclipse cycle is an exercise in faith. What `appears’ to be lost isn’t lost at all; only our perspective shifts.

Sometimes an eclipse does indeed correspond with a loss; way of life, job, identity, relationship. If you are experiencing a major shift in your life then remind yourself that something new, and ultimately `better’ will replace what’s ending. It may take six months…the reflective period of the eclipse, but, the portal will usher in a new place of Cancer comfort and belonging.

The sabian symbol for this solar eclipse, 20 degrees of Cancer, is `The prima donna singing.’sabcancer20pimadonnasinging

Calling someone a `prima donna’ can be interpreted in a derisive way, as if we are calling someone out for their exaggerated importance or show-boating. However, it takes a lot of arduous work, and, courage to perform. One way of reflecting upon the sabian symbol is to simply acknowledge `excellence’ in your life, and, in the accomplishments of others. Sing a `new song’ of excellence; be proud in displaying your talents.

There is so much more to share with you about this solar eclipse, and the eclipses to come on July 27th, and August 11th. To do this important work justice I am offering a day-long workshop which will thoroughly explain the ebb and flow of not only THIS eclipse cycle but eclipses in general. Consider joining me at the internationally renown center of learning, Fellowships of the Spirit on Sunday July 22nd, Cassadaga, New York, from 9 :00 am-5:00 pm. EARLY BIRD PRICING IS GOOD ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT FRIDAY THE 13th!!levelsign Register on-line today!

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