The Saturn Ingress In Aquarius: 3/22/20

On March 22, 2020 at 1:28 am EDT, Saturn makes its grand entrance into the sign of Aquarius; the first time in 28.5 years. And so, we will be ushering in a `new cycle’ which will affect every aspect of our lives.chartsaturningressREAL

Saturn is the energy of the task-master, the grumpy `old man’ representing authority, limits, rules and regulations. Aquarius is the sign of the `people’; humanity in all of its diversity and multiplicity.

And on the very day Saturn makes its appearance in the sign of Aquarius, the most populous states are implementing a crackdown. California, Nevada, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York State will all have statewide mandates of `social distancing’ ranging from regulated travel, gatherings and business closures.coronasocialdistancing

Aquarius, an air sign, represents the arena of brilliance through shared thoughts leading to innovation for the `good of humanity.’ All air signs are `social.’  Saturn represents limits, isolation and laws, and is the  archetype of the `hermit.’ No wonder we are now officially living under the law of `social distancing.’saturnashermittarotcard

And, the `social distancing’ mandate could likely be taken up a few more notches to that of a US national shutdown. Already there are calls by many to do just that. (USA Today :opinion piece Yaneer Bar-Yam: 3/21/2020).

Everything has an `astrology chart.’ The forefathers of the United States of America (most of whom were Masons) drafted a document to coincide with a county reflecting the `multiplicity of humanity’ in the house of `mind’, because the US has an Aquarian Moon. The moon in a chart is like the entity’s heart. Consider that we are entering a two-and-a-half-year period of `buckling’ down and defining what the `heart’ of America really is.

Saturn isn’t really a `bad guy’ unless you dislike work, discipline and structure. The heart of the USA, its people, us, you and I are faced with a rare opportunity to discern what really matters to each of us. Being cooped up inside our homes can and will drive reality into each of our hearts. All will feel the challenge of limitation and struggle, some more and some less. And for those who will suffer more, those who have more will feel a responsibility to do more. Isn’t that what we tell ourselves when we identify with the Aquarian moon, or heart of America?saturndream

Many spiritual pundits say this is a spiritual test. I agree. Through the lens of astrology, I would suggest that the test is about discernment, discipleship to your spiritual practice, duty, sacrifice, and, yes, `responsibility to ones’ fellow beings.’ The virus crisis is teaching us to become our `brother’s keeper’ even if our individual lives are upchucked. As Saturn moves through Aquarius the emotional landscape of this country will be restructured as never before as we learn social accountability.

Of course, but, what about the money?! An economy, any economy represents the ebb and flow of producers and consumers. We still have PEOPLE who can and will innovate and explore new businesses and technologies which is the gift of the US Aquarian moon, `e pluribus unum’, ‘out of many, one, the motto of the USA.eplurianunum

Saturn’s movement through Aquarius continues until July 1st 2020 when it retrogrades back into Capricorn. Unfinished business relative to the `control’ of the entrenched powers will be re-explored again until it’s final ingress on December 21st 2020.

On the winter solstice Saturn joins Jupiter to mark a new political/economic cycle which will unfold through the next twenty years.

I guess we all agreed to `live during interesting times.’

Be well and keep the faith!