November 13th – Super Moon

fullmoonoverwaterSo! take a peak at the SUPER MOON rising in the east friends.(Then tune into WKBW Channel 7 for my interview on this phenomenon at 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm tonight!)

Why oh why? Cycles…simple cycles. The moon’s orbit swoops closer to earth. What makes tonight so special it that it hasn’t been this close (perigee) to our home planet since 1948!

15094991_1249818421728396_4533064818464937974_nSymbolically the moon represents nurturing, protection, and the unconscious. All full moons offer us a chance to symbolically see another’s opposing point of view. Its a symbol of empathy…placing yourself in another’s shoes. Often there are high octane tension filled feelings just prior to the full moon. We feel out-of-control, and…angry at the `others’ who don’t see what we do.

full-moon-nov-14-16THI full moon in the sign of Taurus should do much to ground ourselves following a most surreal week. Life …indeed….seems changed.

The sabian symbol of THIS 22 degree Taurus moon is that of the `white dove flying over troubled waters.’ Healing time I hope & pray.