New Moon: Set Your Intentions!Lush and lovely…tough and tender….Taurus is where you BLOOM! Look around you and see how mother nature, an archetype of Taurus, is strutting her stuff! The beauty of May reflects the bounty of the first earth sign. Where you find Taurus in your chart is what you VALUE. Since `money’ is our way of calculating `worth’ Taurus is equated with finance, banking, goods, precious gems and commodities. Before there was `paper’ many cultures calculated one’s wealth by the number of cattle owned. No wonder `Taurus the Bull’ reflects materialism.



THIS new moon in Taurus on May 6th, Friday, at 3:29 pm EDT is part of a GRAND TRINE in earth involving Pluto ( deep change), Jupiter( expansion) and the North Node ( beneficial contacts.) Translation: Use the energy of this New Moon to ground your grandest of goals as you align with the right people. One little caveat: the retrogrades may suggest that we have the `right goals’ and not exactly the `right time.’ No worries! Use the new moon energy as a LAUNCHING pad as you drive your desires from within towards without; one step at a time.

The New Moon is Taurus embraces a stellium of activity as it’s not just the sun & moon which are aligned in Taurus but also Mercury and Venus and the asteroid Vesta. This line-up of heavy earth implies that we should care for the EARTH….in particular our earthy vehicles; our bodies. Kick-off a love fest for self-care; good nutrition, exercise and sensual care-giving. ( Massage anyone?)

The New Moon coincides with Mother’s Day weekend this year. Who loves ya? Your MOTHER; mother earth! As the New Moon energy unfolds we pay attention to what `matters’, ( matter) to us, and yes, our first friend, Mommy, might be top-of-mind.

Our sabian symbol for the New Moon is: `The symbolic battle between swords and torches’. Reflect on what inner dialogue rages within. The `torches’ refer to the ideal of `light’ battling with `might’. Think about the how the divisions of values reflect within and without. This new Moon brings the conflict to consciousness, so we can find a way to bridge the gap.sab17taurusswords&torches

Happy Taurus!