geminiimageWhat a day! Were you experiencing a bit of stress ? A little harried? Too much to do and too distracted to make a decision as to what to do next? Feel as if you are running round & round within that hamster wheel? No worries….! After the new moon forms tonight (June 4th) at 10:59 pm at 14 degrees in Gemini We. will. all. be. able. to……exhale!

Today’s New Moon is part of a mutuable Grand Square; a configuration of  four energies which represent a yin/yang polarity Jupiter in Virgo ( Analysis versus Criticism) ; Neptune in Pisces ( Victimhood versus Empathy) ; Saturn in Sagittarius ( Self-Righteous versus Truth); Moon-Sun-Venus in Gemini ( Conversation versus Gossip). Yes… that’s a lot of information to digest. Just picture a SQUARE…with each of the four angles in a state a tension…wanting to create a more durable foundation.

And it’s the new moon in GEMINI which is the trigger for this `new foundation.’

Rhetoric, words, ideas, facts, are what makes Gemini  the `dualistic twins.’ You need TWO to have a discourse. We THINK in twos. Heck, even the early computer programs were created out of the dualistic binary system of 1 (one) and 2 (two).

We may each experience a he said/she said type of push-pull with this energy; It’s enough to make our head’s twirl! The sabian symbol for the new moon is ` Two Dutch children talking & studying their lessons together.’ The implication is one of innocence( children) in sharing sometimes foreign ideas in a foreign language( Dutch). Questions to ask yourself, include, what information are you sharing? What can you learn from another? Who can you teach? Is there a `language’ you want to learn? Be open!sab14geminidutchchildren

The wild card of today’s energy is Venus. The planet of love/beauty/ values is sitting side-by-side the Sun/Moon line-up casting it’s attractive glow. We WANT to be in harmony with our thoughts and words and our sharing of ideas. We want to be connected with our tribe; like-minded people.

There’s an expression which may ring with you this month:` I respect your right to have a different opinion from me.’Now. this TRULY is the foundation we need going forward into the unpredictable erratic POLITICAL cycle ahead. (PLEASE remember this at the NEXT new moon on the US Birthday; July 4th … we gather with `all those’ relatives who don’t think how WE THINK about `them candidates!’ lol!)

And so! What we think & say is on the front-burner this month. Even as we chit-chat within our own mind! Be mindful of what you `say when you talk to yourself,’ this month and invite the loving energy of Venus into each and every discourse.

Don’t forget to set your intentions tonight AFTER 11:00 pm  Saturday….( or all day Sunday!!)