17P Holmes

The Lunar Eclipse PLUS the Jupiter/Saturn square all wrapped up in cosmic event. The moment of the eclipse is at 8:01 am EDT; a time to look into the mirror of the `other.’ (( For the Jupiter/Saturn square please read separate article))

The Aries-Libra full moon ALWAYS takes place during the Christian Holy week because Easter is positioned to take place during the first full moon following the Spring Equinox. Eclipses are another matter. They repeat in a particular sign every 18. 5 years, and when they do; drama follows.

On the eve of the eclipse the world was shaken by yet another terrorist atrocity. Our hearts send healing as our minds scream how can we stop “THEM?”

This particular eclipse in Aries/Libra illuminates polarized thinking and being; the push/pull of I/thou, mine/theirs, me/not me. For a moment the world pauses under the lunar light and explodes with the horror of hate, violence and separation. In our own lives, too, the theme of separation and loss in many guises may bubble forth.

The Sabian symbols are: SUN: `Two lovers are strolling through a secluded walk’, and, MOON: Young people sit around a camp fire in spiritual communion.sabaries4loverswalkingsecluded


The sea-saw between the exclusive and comfortable  ( lovers) versus the inclusive community (group). Receiving validation from either a partner or a group. The difficulty of blending ones’ partner into ones’ group. Differences of political, philosophical or religious dogma. The desire to be with like-minded groups, and/or having a `one & only.’

The amazing gift of the Sabian symbols is that this pair reflects the general meaning of the Aries/Libra polarity.

Questions to consider during this eclipse cycle: What is my connection to my loved ones? What is the balance within my primary relationship? Who’s the giver and who is the receiver? How do I bridge the gaps in my connections to others, including my group? How do I assert my independence while keeping my heart open to others who need me. Whom do I seek when I am needy? How do I handle those who are not me…in mind, body or spirit? Do I discard and discredit them? What, if anything, do my enemies teach me?

Heady stuff for this the holiest of Holy Weeks in the Christian calendar.