fullmoon2And what a month it’s been….Remember `way back when’ , two weeks ago, the New Moon of June 4th? The same New Moon which was one leg of part of the grand square? This particular grand square was in MUTUABLE energy, the energy of thoughts and beliefs, political and religious views, communication and criticism. Two weeks ago was BEFORE the line-up of Eris ( disorder) with Uranus ( surprise); and, of course, it was before the horrific murders in Orlando. Today we are approaching the release-relief-exhale cycle of the this tense energy pattern. The full moon is exact on Monday the 20th at 7:02 am at the 29th degree of Sagittarius: `The Pope Blessing the faithful.’


We all need a `blessing’. The collective consciousness is weary and sad and frustrated and mad in light of the `stories of the day.’ When horrible events occur it triggers us to examine what’s `real to us;’ our beliefs, our opinions, our philosophies. Have you glanced at the avalanche of commentary referencing the Orlando tragedy and the death of little Lance Graves? Everyone is an expert during this Gemini cycle of words and more words. And much of the rhetoric has been sharp, critical and hurtful delivered under the safety of social media anonymity. Such is the energy of the day.

The full moon cycle will offer up needed relief, perspective and feedback. Any full moon represents a juxtaposition of opposites, and ultimately a blending of points of view; empathy. THIS full moon in Sagittarius calls us to reexamine our `truth’. The Full moon point is still making a waning square to the energies of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. We have a choice to make! Discernment is called for! Check the `first choice’ between the polarities listed: 1)Jupiter: optimism/criticism;2) Saturn: structure/limitation; 3) Neptune: love/confusion.

This is a test. It is only a test. You can’t fail if you choose your words carefully. Not just HOW you communicate with others, but, most importantly the words you use when you talk to YOU!

Be the blessing!