Ohhh…the sweetness of longing! The desire to ground the hopes of my heart! Where oh where can my dreams be?


Neptune’s station this week suggests we ignite the flames of divine discontent to take us ….away…somewhere! Have you felt the subtle shift this week calling you to create a life based on your most fervent beliefs? Have your day dreams retreated to the early summer as you wonder how FAST time seems to be spinning forward? If so, you may have an energy pattern most sensitive to Neptune moving forward at the degree of a `GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE.’

sabpisces78 girlblowingbugel

This cosmic shift may have stirred up several affects: 1) greater clarity of what is and `what isn’t’ immediately possible in your life; 2) a desire to `make your beliefs’ reflective of your actual daily practice; 3) a surrender to spiritual guidance…because…Hey! I’m just a human & I can’t solve the MESS we are in! ( Mess= anything from the state of the world to the state of your closets)

AND! This week according to one of my dear astro mentors…the great late Buz Meyers…is THE week to let go of addictions…. Now, `addictions’ is a much BIGGER category than chemical dependency on a substance. Name your poison. We all have `em at SOME time….and as the great all-emcompassing divine symbol of unity , compassion and forgiveness ( little `ole Neptune) shifts….so shall we. As they say; Let go & Let God. xxoo


May is your month to turn your vision into practical reality. The full moon of May third provides you with financial feedback whereby you can measure the success of your enterprise. Slow down after May eighteenth. The mercury retrograde from the eighteenth through June twelfth asks you to redo your schedule. Late May through June twentieth is a time of reflection and bridge building. After June sixteenth take a daring unique approach to marketing, writing, teaching or travel. Others will `get’ your message. Surprising communications with siblings clear the air. As June ends, you’ll have a need to rest and reflect at home.


Happy Birthday! As the sun moves through your sign in May you exude a more confident and self-assured persona.  The underpinnings of your emotional or spiritual life have been unpredictable as of late, so Mays’ energy gives you a chance to ground and center. Make a wish, prayer, or affirmation around the full moon of May third for increased insight.  A shift in energy around May eighteenth gives you the spiritual footing you crave. Money issues could be more confusing from late May through June sixteenth. After that date clarity is restored. Late June favors a getaway or new learning opportunity.


May third’s full moon is your best time to reflect, rest, and regroup. While your physical energy may be compromised your spiritual resolve is at a high. Trust whatever inner guidance bubbles forth! The new moon of May eighteenth triggers old insights, the past, and perhaps old issues which require healing. Once the energy shifts to your sun sign, from late May through June twentieth, you will be able to retool your personal. It’s a time to clear out the old and attract the new into your life. You’ll receive valuable feedback from others regarding your special qualities after June sixteenth. Celebrate you! Financial considerations take priority as June comes to a close.


Networking with friends for business and pleasure is a priority for you from May first through the twentieth. Double check schedules and communications as mercury is retrograde and requires diligence. You’ll be motivated to find connections with like-minded companions especially after May eighteenth. Late May through June twentieth is your period to tap into inner guidance. You could experience a deeply moving revelation around the full moon of June second.  Affirmations for health and balance are especially effective for you now with, results manifesting as summer begins. Relationships get rebalanced as summer officially begins.


May is your time to shine in the public eye. Issues of career, reputation and leadership are all positively accented. A new opportunity may suddenly manifest around May third. Communications are potentially sensitive and prone  to misunderstandings after mercury retrogrades after May eighteenth. As May ends and June unfolds the emphasis for you is on fun, friendship and networking. A close friend could communicate insecurity or heartache around the full moon of June second leading ultimately to greater intimacy. After a whirlwind few weeks you require more rest and relaxation as June ends; a perfect time for a getaway.


Thoughts of travel, new learning and adventure predominate as May begins. Expand your horizons in some way. This is also an ideal period for you to market your ideas, products or services; time to perfect the website or brochure. From late May through June twentieth you rethink your career. There could be a change of responsibilities or status, or, a power struggle within the workplace. Emotions will run high. These unusual issues are most likely resolved as the month ends. Your network of friends saves the day in some way. Be open to friendly feedback as June ends.


Financial security is on your mind as May begins. The full moon triggers you to take money matters to heart in a more mature responsible manner. The mercury retrograde from May eighteenth through June eleventh gives you a chance to redo your schedule or marketing plan. Mid June is an ideal time for you to organize your time for travel or  teaching. Respond to the urge to expand your horizons in some way. Get prepared in late June for a major shift in your career during July. The summer is a time for you to assume a greater leadership role.


May’s full moon on the second leaves you vulnerable to relationship changes. A new significant other could enter your life as an important person leaves you. From May eighteenth until June sixteenth reflect and reconsider on ways to strengthen your long-term financial security. Late May through June twentieth is also your time to delve into the depths of self-discovery. You may recognize components of yourself which need healing. Trust that the right person will assist you on your quest. Your mood lightens as June ends, as you plan a great adventure; travel or learning.


From May first through the twentieth, your focus is upon work and health improvement techniques. This is an ideal time to commit to a diet or exercise program, or, take skill improvement courses. Your sense of order is heightened as well as better ways to work time management. June second is an important date for your relationships as the full moon provides you with feedback. A close tie could shift dramatically, or, a new important contact could come into your life. Partnership concerns level after June sixteenth as you find greater peace and balance with another. As June ends your attention turns to money matters.


As May begins you’ll be the mood to have fun and frolic. The energy during this time favors creative projects, romantic pursuits and light-hearted diversions. Allow yourself a little relaxation time without the constraints of job responsibilities. Late May through June twentieth it’s back to a work focus with (hopefully) a refreshed mind-set. June second represents a turning point for you regarding your self- care routine. A firmer commitment to health is indicated in June with an improvement in diet and/or exercise. Once summer officially begins, you’ll be in the mood to evaluate relationships. Closer connections are the goal.


Home is where your heart is as May unfolds. You’ll desire a more secure domestic environment which could be obtained through remodeling, home improvement projects or simply fulfilling a thorough spring cleaning. The new moon of May eighteenth represents a shifting time for home and family. Reflect and reconsider before making any financial decisions you could regret. Late May through June twentieth is an ideal time for you to take a creativity break. Get off the beaten tract in order to find fulfillment through pleasure and fun activities. Late June is an ideal time for you to focus on job productivity and skill enhancement.


May first through May twentieth is a great time for you to complete paperwork tasks, communicate with others and network. Your mind is working overtime; discussions yield valuable insight especially mid-month. Relationships with your neighbors or siblings come into focus with compromise being the key. Late May through June twentieth is your time to put energy into the family. A twist in the structure of your domestic world could erupt around June second thanks to the full moon. Balance is regained after June twentieth. You’ll be able to take a much deserved break from the stress as June comes to a close.