How are you doing? How ARE you doing? If you are like most sensitive, good caring empathetic people you feel…world weary, exhausted, and perhaps a little scared over the avalanche of horror these past few weeks. Crimes against the one affects us all. The names and places of the racially and terror based murders begin to blur as solutions appear and disappear in a sea of frustrated hopelessness.

Prayer helps. Prayer perhaps is the only action we can take as we observe the trauma around us.
It’s not that there haven’t been hate crimes and genocidal global assaults in the world prior to this summers’ few short weeks. It’s just that THESE recent events (Orlando, Michigan, Turkey, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Nice France) FEEL so cataclysmic.

Astrology answers. Astrology holds a mirror of archetypal patterns for us to view
during especially challenging times. Here are a couple recent cosmic events to reflect upon: 1) The Eris (disorder)& Uranus (unexpected action) conjunction; 2) The grand mutuable square (running around in circles)  3) Mars ( aggression) moving direct….AND the inconjuncts of the summer!
An inconjunct is an aspect of ADJUSTMENT which occurs in a 150 degree angle between two planets which share neither element nor modality. Simply put an inconjunct is a relationship between planets ( planes of awareness or energy) which have `nothing in common!’

We good empathetic people have ‘nothing in common’ with people who shoot people, or ram trucks into people or behead people. Such horror is frankly incomprehensible. And yet….half of the good empathetic people in this country can’t comprehend why the ‘other half’ would contemplate voting for THAT CANDIDATE.

The inconjuncts this summer are not causing discord ….no astrological aspects ’cause’ anything. They simply hold a mirror . Something or someone in your life RIGHT now is asking you to make an ADJUSTMENT in a situation which appears to be incomprehensible, or impossible. (of course lets get beyond politics & world horror events)

marsfighterMy point is this; the INCONJUNCTS this summer….especially the one between MARS (anger & violence) and URANUS (Surprise) is begging us collectively and individually to ADJUST in matters which are out of our comfort zone, awareness and understanding.

Tuesday’s full moon will help us gather information which in turn leads us to help heal that feeling of `hopelessness & helplessness.’ A full moon by it’s nature is an OPPOSITION, that is, the sun & moon OPPOSITE each other. An opposition suggests the relationship of give & take, negotiation and shared awareness. We KNOW who/what our adversary is because who/what falls directly in our line of vision.

In contrast, the inconjunct( 150 degrees) is like trying to find clarity in that blind spot as you turn your head while driving.

SO! The Capricorn full moon of Tuesday the 19th is at 27 degrees: the degree of the large aviary. The Republicans will be `flocking’ to Cleveland. Birds of a feather flock together, yes? Will any one voice be heard within all that `squawking’? What do birds represent? Messages… messengers…and a lot of it.

The full moon is asking ALL of to listen to that one ‘voice’ (your own I would suggest) against the backdrop of the noisy chitter chatter of the `birds within the aviary.’ Listening is crucial during this time. Knowledge gleamed from the listening can help us make adjustments where the incomprehensible inconjunct between Mars & Uranus is occurring in OUR charts.

Most of all: create a more durable spiritual life. The square (newly emerging structure) this summer can help. It’s between Saturn (discipline) and Neptune (one heart). Prayer and meditation leads the way this summer. After all, NEPTUNE (unconditional love) is a bigger planet (plane of existence) than MARS (anger & war).

Monday’s class this week is designed to EXPERIENCE the energy through meditation and Thursdays class is designed to UNDERSTAND the energy by applying it to your chart.

Peace & love! xxoo