The busy week before Christmas: Inner & Outer `work’

This moon phase helps us let go of the past .Did you get a glimpse of the lovely quarter moon? We are in the monthly `work phase’ of the cycle….appropriate…for the countdown to Christmas. From now until the 25th we will muster our will forces to accomplish quite a bit…no matter whether or not you are caught up in the `holiday frenzy.’

This particular quarter moon is unique for it’s conjunction of the south nodal lunar axis. Translation: It’s a good week for surrender.

`Let go & Let God’ is the gentle whisper of this week’s energy. Some element of your past…a person, an attitude, an aspiration may fall away. The south node works through release. The result is a clean slate for new aspirations, people and attitudes to cross your path. And yes, the timing of this particular lunar event reflects the tone of the season: remembering Christmases past.

The sabian symbol of the quarter moon, 27 Pisces, is `the harvest moon.’ Now the sabian symbols are simply word images esoterically derived and not actually reflecting the actual moon cycle….just in case you are wondering(!)…what does a HARVEST MOON have to do with this week’s quarter moon!

Pisces Harvest MoonWhat does a `harvest moon’ symbolize? For starters; illumination.

We may receive greater insight between now and the 25th on our capacity for forgiveness, compassion and intuitive knowing: all aspects of `Pisces’. The `harvest moon’ symbolically is also a time for celebration: the crops are in! Perhaps you too may be celebrating something of note in your life, a goal accomplished.