sagitarius imageIt’s New Moon Manifestation Time! At 5:29 am EST Friday 12/11 the sun & moon come together at 19 degrees of Sagittarius heralding a new cycle for growth, discovery and personal innovation. ESPECIALLY with THIS new moon! Why? Because the fiery energy of Sagittarius reflects the urge to explore expand and go beyond our boundaries. The Sagittarius part of our natures ( and we ALL have a part of ALL energies) is the eternal optimist; the arrow pointing to `tomorrow’ no matter what our present circumstance.( Think Annie in `Little Orphan Annie’ or Scarlett in GWTW)

THIS particular new moon is squaring ( an energizing aspect) the `ruler’ of Sagittarius , Mr Big, AKA Jupiter. Nothing less than the BIGGEST of dreams for our `tomorrows’ will suffice. At the same time, this new moon is trining ( an easy aspect) the genius planetary energy Uranus. Think big, and think `out of the box.’

The sabian symbol of the new moon is `men cutting ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer’. The new moon’s message is concerned with doing what we can TODAY to have a better tomorrow. The call here is to `shore up’ on our provisions. Applying it to the big holiday buying rush…perhaps we will be a bit more careful with our spending? After all we don’t want to be paying off gift giving debts in the summer!sab20sagittariusmencuttingice

Another thought re: the sabian image. When we think….`ice breakers’ what do we think of? That class, that conference, that business meeting when we are urged to `break the ice’ with some (sometimes) silly question?

Seriously, though you can use this new moon energy to `break the ice’ with a relationship, perhaps, which has been stagnant. Go ahead…send that `break through’ Christmas card to your long lost( estranged) friend!

So, this new moon for YOU may not just be about `saving’ or `storing’ for tomorrow. YOU may have a BREAK through of some sort. My thought is that `ice’=can be `hardened emotion.’ Is there a feeling long frozen within you? Use the next 30 days to `break on through to the other side!’

Many blessings for a GREAT new MOON! xxoo Cj