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The Nodal Shift: 2017 (beginning May 9th)

What makes you happy? And, what is holding you back from embracing your bliss?  These questions and more are about to bubble forth into the collective consciousness as the lunar nodes ingress into the Leo/Aquarius polarity beginning on May 9th 2017. Goodbye to the serve or suffer polarity of Virgo/ Pisces. We are about to […]

Musings on the Virgo Full Moon: 2017

The opposition, the angle of 180 degrees between planets, symbolizes the potential to negotiate conflicting viewpoints into a new perspective of balance and harmony. Thus is the full moon; the sun and moon are opposing each other; the juxtaposition of the solar male action with that of the lunar female reaction. The full moon of […]

The Jupiter Uranus Opposition

One of the major themes of 2017 is the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus. The opposition is in full swing during this first week of March so reflect upon the following! The see-saw relationship of the Jupiter and Uranus  is inspiring us to integrate two sides of our nature; the unique radical with the generous […]

Eclipse Energy Unfolding

The signs and symbols in the sky can guide us with exquisite accuracy…Use the solar eclipses’ energy today to set your intentions; specifically intentions involving your spirituality. The magic and mysticism of the Pisces energy infuses us with hope. Pisces is the omega energy of unconditional love and compassion…and forgiveness. Today’s energy ( Sunday the […]