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The Saturn Ingress In Aquarius: 3/22/20

On March 22, 2020 at 1:28 am EDT, Saturn makes its grand entrance into the sign of Aquarius; the first time in 28.5 years. And so, we will be ushering in a `new cycle’ which will affect every aspect of our lives. Saturn is the energy of the task-master, the grumpy `old man’ representing authority, […]

The virus: The Invisible Enemy & Bravery Within

Life as we know it has changed, and it’s scary. The virus epidemic upgraded to a pandemic, on March 10th, under the Virgo full moon of 19 degrees, `a caravan of cars’ , suggesting the insidious contagion ravaging the planet. Astrologers know that the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12th 2020 is the originating impulse […]

2020: Year of Transformation

2020 is a year of transformation when outworn structures leave our lives to make way for a new hopeful tomorrow. There are eclipse shifts and multiple retrogrades in 2020, and, at years’ end the `great conjunction’ of Jupiter Saturn which heralds a new social-economic-cycle which will ultimately define a new world. A few highlights of […]

New Moon in Virgo: Purity & Devotion

  With every breath we take we inhale life-giving (oxygen) and let go of what’s toxic (carbon dioxide) to create the body (Virgo) we navigate this world in. The exchange of chemicals in respiration is symbolized by the messenger planet, Mercury; the little guy with the winged helmet. Mercury rules self-possessed, serene, Gaia-goddess, Virgo. Virgo […]

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer

  This solar eclipse has passed; 10:46 pm EDT on July 12, 2018. How did you sleep? Any interesting dreams or insights this morning? Make note of your feelings as you begin your Friday the thirteenth. It’s a new day, reflected by a new eclipse cycle which only comes about once every nineteen years. Solar […]