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The Dance of Uranus Jupiter + Eclipses

We are still reeling from the energies of the `Great American eclipse’ ! Eclipses are not isolated moments. These are evolving cycles. The first inkling this new Leo/Aquarius cycle began in August of 2016. February 10th of this year saw eclipse #1 in Aquarius, and, in May the nodes (eclipse points) shifted. By the solar […]

Power Cycle of Integration

Spiritual factors AND science concur; we are in a powerful cycle of transformation! Consider todays’ full moon in Pisces; mercury stationing direct; the strong geomagnetic storms (as reported by NOAA); the path of hurricane Irma AND the integration cycle of the SOLAR eclipse of 8/21. If you are feeling any of the following; dizzy, anxious, […]

New Moon in Leo

Happy Leo Friends! The sun is officially in the grand and glorious sign of Leo, `now’, but it’s tomorrow Sunday the 23rd when the moon also joins Leo to create the `new moon in Leo’…. Welcome the new moon in Leo Sunday morning by launching your new endeavors, new thoughts and inspirations. You don’t have […]

Summer Solstice

Welcome Summer! The magic moment is here! The sun ingress into Cancer marks the solstice—sun—-standing still! What this means astronomically is that the sun shines over the Tropic of Cancer  reflecting the longest day of sunlight in the year; approximately fifteen hours in Buffalo, New York; a longer period of time due north…shorter daylight in […]

Uranus Venus Conjunction

Embrace the madness friends! Uranus conjunct Venus today in Aries at the 27th degree! If you’ve been feeling just a little stressed’ recently….overwhelmed… you are not alone!   Relief is in store because the Uranus/Venus conjunction has this symbol,  `A lost opportunity is gained.’ Just when you are at the end of your proverbial rope; […]

Gemini Lunar Cycle

GEMINI: The curious charming chatterbox (or?) the creative connector who communicates! (or) BOTH! It’s not too late… to set your NEW MOON intention in the sign of Gemini. Find it in your chart…( you can use the app on my website to show you where) and write/communicate away! Gemini is all about the power of […]

The Nodal Shift: 2017 (beginning May 9th)

What makes you happy? And, what is holding you back from embracing your bliss?  These questions and more are about to bubble forth into the collective consciousness as the lunar nodes ingress into the Leo/Aquarius polarity beginning on May 9th 2017. Goodbye to the serve or suffer polarity of Virgo/ Pisces. We are about to […]