marsplutosquaremar pushingbolderupmountain December begins on an intense note: the square of Mars and Pluto! We feel the gathering tension between these two power agents by December first…with the exact 14 degree square occurring on Sunday the 6th. Mars in Libra, the sign of diplomacy and negotiation clashes between the volcanic transformation agent Pluto at 14 Capricorn. This isn’t as scary as it sounds… but It IS a call to action. Our will to complete a task becomes magnified. The `struggle is real’ with our greatest resource—willpower at the helm.

The sabian sumbols blend`Toys at a childrens hospital ward’ with that of `circular paths.’  The blending of Mars in Libra with Pluto in Capricorn is turning our words into reality!sab15capricornhospitalwardwithtoys


 Perhaps we circle around to a finding a solution to a problem we had previously faced. Perhaps that problem invites the deep compassion and healing found within a medical facility for children. Perhaps we finally decide to stop the repetitive promises to heal a wound…going around and round…making excuses and JUST DO IT!

The co-rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto exemplify strength, determination and fortitude. This square week represents a breakthrough for reaching some sort of goal…as long as we unleash the will within.

( I will be teaching a class Thursday at 7:00 on this cosmic event in Williamsville explaining where the square occurs in YOUR chart)