Uranus Venus Conjunction

Embrace the madness friends! Uranus conjunct Venus today in Aries at the 27th degree!


If you’ve been feeling just a little stressed' recently....overwhelmed... you are not alone!stress


Relief is in store because the Uranus/Venus conjunction has this symbol,  `A lost opportunity is gained.’ Just when you are at the end of your proverbial rope; the sun lights the way, to use a mixed metaphor! lol!

Uranus the purveyor of enlightened chaos blends with the love agent Venus in the Aries energy of me, myself, and I.  It’s a personal portal of freedom.  Visual Aries the original yang/male energy says; If you can see it you can be it!  relief2

Get out your visualization tools and get to it. We can go from 100 ( stress)  to 0 ( peace and calm) in an instant with this energy.

And… the Aries energy will help us to push forward with unlimited courage, passion and focus.

Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer & Capricorn you are REALLY feeling it. And ALL of of us have an Aries somewhere in your chart.

Breath deep….and let the chaos ( Uranus) be healed by the power of love ( Venus) !