The Nodal Shift: 2017 (beginning May 9th)


What makes you happy? And, what is holding you back from embracing your bliss?  These questions and more are about to bubble forth into the collective consciousness as the lunar nodes ingress into the Leo/Aquarius polarity beginning on May 9th 2017. Goodbye to the serve or suffer polarity of Virgo/ Pisces. We are about to embrace a new theme until December of 2018; the role of Individual creativity against the backdrop of group-think.

The nodes are not planets, rather points on our charts reflecting where the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. The nodes represent six polarities of the twelve zodiacal energies. The paired nodes of opposite signs are composed of the north node, the unfolding destiny, and the south node, the karmic past. Another way of conceptualization; the north node represents fresh new learning while the south node is the repetitive pattern of old lessons. The past (south node) is the foundation of the future (north node).  The nodal axis presents us with a challenge; learn the new lessons of the north node while releasing the resisting energy of the south node. We each have our own nodal axis at birth; sensitive points in our chart which encapsulate this opposition. It’s our lifetimes’ job to pursue the north node while honoring the gifts of the south node.

The nodes shift gears once every year and a half or so, and return to one of the twelve zodiacal signs once every eighteen and a half years. Therefore, at approximately age 19 we experience our first nodal return; the time when we begin to consciously embrace the subtle messages of the lunar nodes. Check in with your 19-year-old self to recall what vision you had for your life. You might also reflect on what obstacles you encountered as you begin to identify your calling. This pattern repeats approximately every nineteen years, so at ages thirty-seven, fifty-six, seventy-five and so on you `return’ to actively balancing your inner polarity. Obviously, individuals at these ages will be most affected by the  2017 nodal shift, as will people with personal planets in Leo/Aquarius. But we all will be catching the emotional wave of the nodal shift.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity in your own chart is where you will undergo this nodal evolution/dissolution. Leo is the energy of dynamic creativity; singularity of self-expression, joy, and child-like exuberance. The call of the Leo north node is to embrace whatever and however you define as bliss. What is happiness for me is not necessarily happiness for you. And herein lies the challenge; how to balance your happiness quest with others’ opinions.  The south node in Aquarius is the release point.  You may experience an entangled fear; what will people THINK if pursue my dreams, and am happy, too successful, too joy filled? A concern may be; will I lose friends if I put my needs before the group? We have until December 2018 to figure out this delicate balance.

We do have practice in this endeavor. Go back to 2000, 1980, 1962, years with this Leo/Aquarius polarity, to reflect on the themes of blending personal happiness with group-think. Turning to pop-culture, the popularity of the sitcom `Friends’ was peaking in 2000, led by Aquarian actress Jennifer Aniston.  `Friends’ broke ground with its’ depiction of 20-something-year-olds who bonded as a group, reflecting the Aquarian ideal of platonic love. Another `friends-first’ theme was reflected in media during the sitcom ‘Cheers’ in the early 1980’s set in a bar where `everyone knows your name.’ And when Beatlemania hit the world’s stage radical creativity in music rocked the consensus reality in 1962.

The nodes astronomically create the eclipses every six months; visual reminders of the turning of the wheel. The world anticipates the `Great American Eclipse’ on August 21st 2017, when a total solar eclipse cuts across the North American continent dimming the sun’s light for all to see. This rare occurrence aligns with the fixed star Regulas, as it aligns with President Trumps’ ascending sign as well as the north node of the USA chart. If indeed eclipses are turning points, times when alliances are formed and previous connections severed, then this summer could be a time of rapid and radical change for the USA.

It’s illustrative that the USA chart has a Leo north node, or destiny.  The Declaration of Independence codified a most Leo/Aquarius nodal theme; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The document blends the Aquarian ideal of humankind while simultaneously holding the right to pursue the Leo goal of happiness. During this nodal shift the present US power structure will be karmically charged with somehow maintaining the delicate balance of personal freedom with group accountability.

And so… the cosmic call is asking us to embrace, develop, and create our happiness. What is to be left behind is the tug of the overdeveloped Aquarius; detachment, overblown logic, or consensus reality.  Thematically, the south node is the point of repeated karma and should consciously be modified to launch the north node development. Aquarius is the group, the tribe, the collective, friends, the greater society. It follows that we should embrace our heart-filled courage and blaze forward with our individualized goals even if we run counter to the approval or consensus of the group. The individual reigns. The Leo north node ingress inspires us to place our proverbial crown upon our heads without worrying about what the others may think. Stand out in the crowd; be different. Be the star of your own life!


Where is the Leo nodal theme of embracing your ‘bliss’ most prominent in your life? Here is a solar cookbook style of guidance for you. Of course, use your rising sign if time of birth is known, as well as sun sign.



Focus upon your creative projects with confident abandon. Love, joy and romance require risk and confidence; you have it now! Release friends who are not on the same mental wave-length.


Create the home you’ve always dreamed of; remodel, move, mend domestic fences. Let go of responsibilities, even a career, if it doesn’t feed your soul.


The Leo north node is inspiring your mind; communications, writing, teaching and marketing are highlighted. Release outworn systems of thought as you cultivate and communicate your own version of `truth.’


Embrace the promise of prosperity with the nodal shift; more resource of every kind plus the confidence to create an income aligned with your values. Release dependence upon others for approval or financial support.


Hurrah! You are entering a time of renewed confidence and joy in becoming all that you can be! Become the leader you’ve always dreamed of; fulfill your own goals even at the expense of a partner’s disapproval.


Explore the underpinnings of spirituality by falling `in-love’ with the joy of aloneness. Exercise your spiritual practices with renewed vigor as your release unhealthy workaholic habits.


Take credit for your achievements. Align yourself with groups and colleagues whom you support and support you. Release outworn romantic fantasies, and hobbies which no longer interest you.


Confidently stride towards success. Accept leadership positions at your job, or, launch your own career which reflects your joy-filled creativity. Release domestic responsibilities to others.


Time to take that once-in-a- lifetime trip! Expand your life through education, or, perhaps by finally writing that book. Avoid gossip and group think; as you embrace your own ideas and `walk your talk.’


Embrace the adventure of a life-time; explore the depths of your soul. Time to focus on psychological or spiritual practices which embolden your sense of power and authenticity. Release worry about finances.


Fall in love! Be willing to trust your partner, your best friend, your spouse. Be willing to release detachment and mental distractions as you mirror your worth through the eyes of the beloved.


Embrace best practices to enhance your work productivity or healthy living. Be willing to invest time and resource to cultivate a healthier you. Release anxiety, nagging worry and isolating thoughts.


To assist in understanding and grounding the nodal energies I am offering the `Great Eclipse Retreat’ at the international summer resort center Chautauqua Institution, in beautiful upstate New York over the weekend of September 8th 2017.  Details here:

Embrace your bliss as you enjoy your journey through the Leo/Aquarius nodal shift!