The Jupiter Uranus Opposition

One of the major themes of 2017 is the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus. The opposition is in full swing during this first week of March so reflect upon the following!

The see-saw relationship of the Jupiter and Uranus  is inspiring us to integrate two sides of our nature; the unique radical with the generous charmer. Uranus in Aries embodies the archetype of the individualist who feels no pressure to conform to social graces. Jupiter simply magnifies what it touches. An opposition allows us to see the other’s point of view with clarity. Since this particular opposition embraces the I/ thou dance of relationship expect our collective telepathic skills to be extraordinary! Watch what you think! (lol)

This week the sabian symbol of Uranus at 22 degrees is ‘ a woman carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load’23ariesveiledload

while Jupiter is at the `rooster heralds the new dawn.’ Questions to ponder this week; are you feeling burdened? Has something changed in your life–new responsibilities, pressures, and the like which feel oh so different? If so…does this change suggest a new world for you that ultimately feels positive? Another way of viewing this: there is a bright silver lining within any clouds…

Overall this year we are attempting to blend the `big’ ( Jupiter) with the unique ( Uranus). Questions which may arise; How can we be comfortable with our specific individualistic gifts in the face of social pressure to `fit in?’ If we disagree with our special someones can our relationship endure?

As with any astrological aspect; the wisdom of the cosmos offers us guidance within!