The Dance of Uranus Jupiter + Eclipses

We are still reeling from the energies of the `Great American eclipse’ ! Eclipses are not isolated moments. These are evolving cycles. The first inkling this new Leo/Aquarius cycle began in August of 2016. February 10th of this year saw eclipse #1 in Aquarius, and, in May the nodes (eclipse points) shifted. By the solar eclipse of August 21st the new pattern arrived definitively. The light went out in the sky.eclipseandsigns

Days later; Harvey tore up the Gulf. Then….Irma…Maria…earthquakes in Mexico, Volcanoes in Indonesia. Last Thursday, Pluto, the great transformer moved forward in the sky. We understand Pluto to be akin to a `volcano’ a force of nature which pulverizes everything in its path.hurricaneaftermath

From natural disaster to human perpetuated horror, the killing of innocence by a man `not fitting the stereotype’ is just one more event which we can’t quite take in. It’s as though the high alert sirens are screaming overhead without anyone heeding their call.hurricanecopcars

As witnesses to all these dramatic (Leo) life/death situations we may even be developing a sense of disaster `overload’. This overwhelm sense can lead to the same type of burn-out which caretakers experience in their daily life; detachment and numbness(Aquarius).depersonalizationthescream

This dichotomy is the eclipse cycle at work; Leo north node, representing new beginnings as the South node in Aquarius is the point in our charts which we are needing and wanting to surrender. During the dance of any eclipse pair there is an emptying out where the south node is due to an exaggeration of its negative traits. Aquarius at it’s worse is detachment, coldness and overblown logic. The ruling planet of the south node, of course, is Uranus. Uranus in Aries represents all `crazy’ manifestations of the sense of `I am.’

We collectively experience cycles upon cycles. The initiating spark was the 8/21 solar eclipse, signaling `new-day’, which, has translated to `may-day!’ Since September twenty-fifth another cycle layered upon the eclipse cycle; the Jupiter & Uranus opposition. An opposition forms when two planets line up exactly opposite to each other. Jupiter means BIG in the sign of Libra (you) while Uranus the eccentric `crazy’ energy is in Aries (me).

The Uranus-Jupiter opposition has been evolving since December of 2016. An EXACT opposition is a time of gaining insight into another perspective. THIS opposition speaks to each of us as we consider each victim of sorrow/tragedy/ horror in relation to ourselves. Perhaps we are moved to pray, or donate, or do SOMETHING to relieve the pain we see/sense in the world. Perhaps we enfold upon ourselves and say (quietly) I AM so glad that `didn’t happen ‘to ME. The distinction of `me/not-me’ is being reflected by this Aries-Libra opposition.jupiteruranus

It doesn’t matter if we live in a `no-hurricane or earthquake zone’ we still ultimately have to leave our homes. Snipers posed from a rooftop, or inside a 32nd floor hotel, can be anywhere…and theoretically shoot at anyone at any time. And then we must not forget, there is global tension in the air, solar flares afloat, nefarious individuals who ram their vehicles into crowds, or weld their swords into passerby’s. Yes, the world feels adrift with violence and horror.  Worse of all… the `enemy’ in this latest incident is the epitome of `normal.’ We didn’t see him (Stephen Paddock) coming. He could be ANYONE! Uranus in Aries (shock & awe planet) was at play.  Paddock in fact IS an Aries. The opposition of the I AM energy of Aries is in full contrast to the YOU ARE energy of Libra.stephenpaddock

Some have equated the feelings associated with the shootings in Las Vegas to that of 911. However, the planetary pair in OPPOSITION on September 11, 2001 was very different to what we are now experiencing. Saturn was in the sign of Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity defines concepts, words, religious and philosophical identity. In 2001 the collective agreed that `those people’ (fill in the blank) are to blame for the horror. The polarized difference was based on ideas.

Today, the Aries-Libra opposition, operates at a more personal level.  The Aries-Libra opposition is the war between `me’ and `not me.’ It’s as if we’ve been collectively at war with people `like ourselves’. Consider how many marriages, friendships and families have suffered serious estrangement due to the political climate since the Jupiter (ideas) opposed Uranus (detachment). If YOU don’t believe as I do…then I detach, and, YOU become  `not me’, an object of denationalization.

Consider the comments made by CBS attorney Hayley Geftman-Gold following the shooting, comments which reflect this diminished sense of the `other.’

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing, I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”depersonalizationmedia


Geftman-Gold’s comments are but one example of the depersonalization (Uranus in Aries) based upon ideas, or perceived ideas, of the `other’ embodied by Jupiter in Libra.

During this week’s Uranus-Jupiter opposition Hugh Hefner died, an Aries.highhefner His legacy? He pioneered the sexual revolution, making it acceptable, and even desirable– to have sex with `anyone’; to be a `playboy’ or `playgirl’. In some ways this trend he spearheaded so long ago represents another type of `depersonalization;’ the I-it relationship! His empire’s underlying message was to select sexual partners based upon the criteria of sexual attractiveness. His death during the peak of the Uranus-Jupiter served, perhaps, as a reminder of how depersonalized sexual activity is no longer the taboo it once was sixty years ago.

The ultimate way to depersonalize is to kill. The Aries Stephan Paddock mowed down hundreds of people in what can only be called an act of evil. Perhaps evil can be defined as the cold, calculating depersonalization of both self and others. Normal people can’t conceive of annihilating anything. Uranus, ruler of the south node, and transiting energy within the sign of `self’ serves as a reminder of how far-out this depersonalized process can be.depersonalizationgirl

The biggest Caribbean hurricane…ever; the worse mass shooting …ever. The biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter leads with superlatives. Jupiter served as an `adjective ‘of `big’ as it formed its opposition to Uranus. Simply said; we would experience the BIGGEST sense of depersonalization this past month.


With the full moon on October 5th,  the prayer is we will begin to make some sense of experiences at the fringe of understanding.