Super Moon Sunday: From Confusion to Clarity!

Look! Up in the sky! it’s not a bird! nor a plane, but, It’s SUPER MOON!


2017 ends with a full moon brighter than all others this year thanks to the moon being in perigee to the earth; a time when our lunar neighbor orbits closer to home than at any other time. As a result, the moon appears 7 percent larger and 16 percent brighter over the next two days.

The science of a perigee moon reflects the astrological meaning of this rare moon! The brighter the better we see. And, the focus of this full moon inspires us to blend both sides of our brain; the intuitive AND the logical side so we can flow from confusion to clarity.

This theme is reflected by the exact square (90 degrees) from the full moon to Neptune, within hours of the mercury retrograde. A square suggests a rebuild of a structure through sustained pressure. The moon/sun opposition, or full moon, creates a t-square to Neptune begging such questions as; `How much more of `this’ confusion can I take?  How can I deal with this pent-up feeling of overwhelm? Who do I trust? The sun/moon square to Neptune helps us to discern what’s real and what’s an illusion. Meanwhile, the retrograde mercury represents a time to suspend decision making and go within, reflect and reconsider.chartsupermoon

To further support this theme of inward/outward communication we consider the sign of the full moon, Gemini, which is ruled by mercury. Sign (Gemini) and planet (mercury) indicate all manners of mental processes, data collection, information and communication. Even the 11th degree of the full moon screams communication as the sabian symbol is “ A black slave girl demands her rights from her mistress.’ This symbol suggests we may have to `stand up for ourselves’ in the midst of some sort of power struggle with the powers that be. Demand the truth in your communication within and without.confusionclarity

Another curious aspect of the full moon, of Sunday at 10:47 am EST, is that it will pass over one of the brightest stars in the sky; Aldebaran. Positioned smack in the middle of the constellation Taurus, Aldebaran is thought to be the `revelatory eye’ of the heavens associated with Archangel Michael.fixedstaraldebaraneyeof illumination Consider what YOUR eye is seeing; actually, and esoterically, within the seat of your imagining and creativity. This full moon could trigger a revelation of sorts for each of us, as it further inspires world leaders to `see the truth.’

We may be feeling as if we are floating in a dream during this time! What can ground us is the position of Mr. Grumpy Reality or Saturn positioned in the `galactic center’ as it finishes up its sojourn in Sagittarius. Planets at the galactic center are said to be conduits for extraterrestrial information. This will be magnified in just a week. Once Saturn and mercury conjunct, (come together) on December 6th, we are mobilized to `take a stand’ so like the message of the sabian symbol. Be brave and bold in demanding YOUR rights within a relationship, organization or community.

This full moon triggers us to do much reflective work in the realm of beliefs, philosophies and ideas. Refer to your past for clues. The mercury retrograde will inspire us to dig deep within. The Jupiter inconjunct to the full moon messes the celestial waters because it is an angle of adjustment. So much input/data, so little time.

Going forward, keep in mind the shining light of Aldebaran, the eye of the skies being activated by the brightest moon this year. We WILL get clear by the light of the full moon. Just be patient! Mercury’s retrograde asks us to `make sure’ before making the ultimate decision on things. The light of this special super moon will guide as we go along our path. It’s time to move from confusion to clarity!supermoonimage1



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