Summer Solstice

  • Welcome Summer! The magic moment is here! The sun ingress into Cancer marks the solstice—sun—-standing still! What this means astronomically is that the sun shines over the Tropic of Cancer  reflecting the longest day of sunlight in the year; approximately fifteen hours in Buffalo, New York; a longer period of time due north…shorter daylight in southern latitudes.solticescience

Astrologically we can reflect upon the 0 point of the Cancer energy; nurturing, kind, maternal, protective. It's somewhere within our personal energy map, and, where it falls in our birth-chart we begin anew each and every summer solstice. The sabian symbol for EVERY summer solstice is  `On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.’cancer1flagraisingQuestions  for us include; 1) Where do your allegiances lie? 2) What are you willing to lose in order to gain a new sense of identity? 3) What are your ideals, and, how will you communicate them? Willingly? with a sense of honor and confidence?

The symbol includes a ship; a vessel of travel upon water. Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac. Water is suggestive of emotion. On your emotional journey…where are you going? Summer is often the time  we most want to feel connected to another', perhaps because we don't want to enjoy the rare weather solo. Think `summer fling’; and fun in the sun! As you reflect upon the summer themes of  love and romance, you may discover richer truths about ….you.

THIS summer solstice is rich in astrological symbolism. Retrograde Saturn opposing the Mercury in the last ( critical) degree of Gemini begs the question; what important message do you need to convey…but perhaps are fearful to communicate?chartsummersolstice.JPG

Perhaps this opposition also indicates a determination to gather data( Gemini) which leads to the illusive `truth’; Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius.

The Moon/Venus conjunction in Taurus inspires us to celebrate earthly virtues; beauty, the arts, sensuality, pleasure. The feminine face depicted by the `Earth Mother’ is emphasized. Grow your garden; respect the Earth.

People the world over will gather today to mark the seasonal shift. The most famous gathering will be at Stonehenge, the prehistoric earth works in England where the light of the sunrise aligns perfectly of the `heel stone’ of the megalithic structure.soltice2pic.jpg

The summer solstice is the perfect time to reflect upon your own personal goals and intentions. It’s a new beginning!  But whatever you do today, connect with your fellow earth-travelers and send a blessing to all:) !