Six Cosmic Events for Fall of 2022!

SIX COSMIC ALERTS! Venus Star Point! Saturn Direct! Scorpio Eclipse! Taurus Eclipse! Saturn Direct! Mars Retrograde!


Anyone out there feeling an energetic shift that is both uplifting and exhilarating yet challenging at the same? There is soooo much happening Fall of 2022. Remember, ‘all things work for good,’ so let’s analyze six cosmic alerts!

  • October 22nd, Saturday @ 5:17 pm EDT, the Sun and Venus conjunct at the 29th degree of Libra. This is called the Venus Star point, a leg of an eight-year journey through the zodiac as Venus the planet of love and beauty ‘dances’ with the Sun. ANY fusion of light (Sun) with Love (Venus) catapults us into a recognition of our desires in a more focused confident way. Additionally, this 29th degree of Libra aligns with the Hawaiian asteroid of Haumea. In mythology, Haumea birthed babies from her limbs! This fusion of the Sun, Venus and Haumea offers us the potential of a creative explosion…wherever 29 degrees of Libra rests in our charts.


  • October 23rd, Sunday @ 12:07 am EDT Saturn stations direct at 18th degree of Aquarius. When a planet stations direct it’s as if the brakes are gentle released so we can apply our will-force to begin moving forward where the station occurs within our chart. Saturn, energy of manifestation, discipline and stability has been operating from a position of `hesitancy’, in the shadows since June 4th. Recall what you were doing then, or, perhaps trying to accomplish then. As of Sunday, you will begin to actively shape goals into your world wherever Aquarius falls in your chart. Remember: Saturn has been squaring (creative tension) Uranus for two years now. Pull the plug and go for your dreams!


  • October 23rd, Sunday @ 6:36 am EDT The Sun enters Scorpio. Welcome the energy of intensity, deep healing, secrets, depth, and the surrender of the past as we embrace trust and inner intuitive knowing! Scorpio, indeed, is passionate. It rules the secrets of life especially sex and death and internal power and wealth. Celebrate how YOU use Scorpio within your chart.


  • October 25th, Tuesday @ 6:49 am EDT The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio @ 2 degrees. Eclipses are portals of change. They occur in the same signs every 18 years. The message of the south node in  Scorpio during 2022 and 2023 is to surrender whatever negative Scorpio traits you embody, like you did in 2004 and 2005. Surrender can be frightening, because of the loss of control. Surrender we must if we are to move forward to the potential of the opposing north node sign Taurus. Taurus is where we find the necessary bounty of life, beauty, love and sustenance.


  • October 30th, Sunday @ 9:26 am EDT Mars Retrogrades @ 26 degrees of Gemini. What happens when the planet of war, Mars, retrogrades in the sign of the mind, Gemini? Nothing, except the war of words, AND an extreme uptake in fear-activated polarized thinking. Or at least that is my take on this very potent retrograde. Please become as consciously aware of your thoughts as you possibly can. Gemini, the juggler of dualism feels at ease when ‘everything’ is put into two categories: good and bad. It’s important we don’t slip back into the age of the VC, (Virus crisis), which we HAD experienced while the nodes were in Gemini squaring Neptune. In other words….!! Become aware of how we demonized people who do not agree with us. We could fall into this trap, again, while Mars retrogrades until January 12th, 2023. BECAUSE Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, this cosmic event will be especially potent. Observe your inner frustration and anger. Work on it. A POSITIVE result of the mars retrograde can be  a deep internal rework of your mental functioning. Allow this time to be a journey of self-discovery!


  • November 8th, Tuesday @ 6:02 am EDT Lunar Eclipse @ 16 degrees of Taurus. Back to the portal of change idea! A LUNAR eclipse is one when we ‘see in the dark.’ THIS is a decisive date of change, when, the whispering of the lunation teases us into finding the Taurus gifts of beauty, love and abundance. This is the day you may proclaim what `really matters in your life.’ Thanks to the VENUS star point of October 22nd, you already have what you need to pursue your deepest dreams. (What a `coincidence’: This is the day of the USA midterm elections)

As you can see, friends, eclipse season offers us a great potential for transformation individually and collectively.

To this end, I will be offering Thursday on-line classes, covering ALL these important dates, (October 20th and October 27th) PLUS an in-person retreat sandwiched between the eclipse `portal of change.’

The in-person retreat will be held on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5th from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm at the Airport Hampton Inn in Buffalo. You may also attend via zoom!

The retreat will highlight a process of identifying whatever needs to be released within, as we will be doing a past life regression, PLUS all the learning and sharing of the ‘six cosmic events.’

Even if you aren’t quite yet conversant in the language of astrology, you will be able to tap into these six cosmic events and release and surrender the Scorpion traits in order to embrace the goodies of Taurus; love, beauty and abundance.

Register for my classes (on-line) relative to the 6 cosmic events, AND the Eclipse retreat HERE:

 Wishing you a season of transformation leading to your highest and best!

With love,