Sagittarius Cycle 2022

After the intensity of the October 25th and November 8th eclipses, we are in the mood for a little ‘light-heartedness.’ Yes? Welcome to the Sagittarius cycle which begins on November 22nd at 3:20 am EST. Sagittarius embodies `mutable’ fire; the excitement of change through inspired vision.

Sagittarius….The sign of hope, truth, generosity, hope and tomorrow.

Sagittarius….The energy of laughter, freedom, and independence.

It’s no coincidence that Sagittarius Season reflects the themes of the HOLIDAY Season. The Holiday Season is hectic, yes? We dash about preparing our hearts and homes to welcome others, and we gather gifts and greeting cards to celebrate our loved ones.

THIS Sagittarius cycle promises to be an exciting one because as the Sun enters Sagittarius, on 11/22, on the very next day, 11/23 @ 5:57 pm EST, we have our NEW MOON in Sagittarius at the 1st degree of the cycle,’ White-capped waves display the power of wind over the sea.’

What might this mean? An interpretation of this sabian symbol , from Dane Rudyar, is the ‘ mobilization of unconscious energies under the pressure of super personal motives.’ How are you being influenced through the intensity and wisdom of the unconscious? What inspired thoughts are directing you? What expansive goals are you trying to experience? What do you intend to learn?

On top of the `NEW MOON DAY’ we will also enjoy the ingress of Jupiter as it goes direct. I call Jupiter ‘ Santa Claus’; generous, the traveler, and oh so jolly! It’s a double whammy! Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, and, as it goes direct our collective hunger for all-things- Sagittarius is being activated. We feel more generous, more confident to go for our goals, and our truth-meter is running. We want to know it `all!’

Mid-cycle we will have the feisty FULL MOON on December 7th, at 11:08pm EST, at 15 degrees of Gemini. Remind yourself to do a lot of DEEP breathing during this full moon. Stress levels could be a high because, after all, Gemini rules everyday mentality, and the lungs……Breathe…..





Here are some nuggets for you:


Aries: Expand your sense of adventure and learning. Perhaps take or plan a trip

Taurus: Stay steady in your personal power and composure. Celebrate your internal gifts of psychological and spiritual integrity.

Gemini: It’s all about your partner. To have a great partner….’be one.’ Listen, share, communicate.

Cancer: Expand your commitment to your fitness and health; ‘Just do it!’

Leo: Get out your party shoes and embrace the joy of life; dance, sing, be creative, play.

Virgo: You family needs your wise words of comfort and intuition, without the critical attitude.

Libra: Time to walk your talk. Make lists. There’s so much to do, and YOU can complete all tasks.

Scorpio: Identify your skills and talents to bolster your self-esteem. Your competence knows no end.

Sagittarius: Celebrate you! This birthday time is your time to shine with authenticity and confidence.

Capricorn: Expand your ability to trust the great unseen. Tap into your intuition with a fervor.

Aquarius: Connect with your friends for upliftment, inspiration and fellowship.

Pisces: Time to step into a new confident leadership role at work or in the community.


In the spirit of the Sagittarius New Moon conjunct on my North Node AND Saturn, I will be taking a couple weeks off from client work as I travel, teach, and learn. (All appropriate Sagittarius themes!!)

Readings and classes will resume the week of December 12th.

In the meantime, I want to emphasize ANOTHER Sagittarius theme: gratitude. I am so very grateful to know you! My contact with my clients and friends has blessed me deeply over these many years. Thank you for entrusting me with your time and treasure…

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Sending you all Best Blessings!