Power Cycle of Integration

Spiritual factors AND science concur; we are in a powerful cycle of transformation! Consider todays’ full moon in Pisces; mercury stationing direct; the strong geomagnetic storms (as reported by NOAA); the path of hurricane Irma AND the integration cycle of the SOLAR eclipse of 8/21. If you are feeling any of the following; dizzy, anxious, or overwhelmed please make extra time to 1) pray and 2) meditate. At the very least….drink! (good WATER). The world is shifting and the time is `now.’stress

The full moon at 12 degrees of Pisces is conjunct Neptune. The blending of the moon (emotions) with that of Neptune (divinity) is inspiring forgiveness, compassion, and the yearning for `oneness.’ At the same time this full moon is inconjuncting the planet of `relationship love’, Venus.chartfullmoonpisces


This suggests we may need to make major adjustments in accepting the idiosyncrasies of our partners and loved ones. It’s easy to love…someone who is `easy to love’…. and this inconjunct reminds us no one is perfect.

Astrology is all about the geometry, the way the planets create angles. Today’s full moon creates a six-pointed star, if, we include the empty leg of the pattern; Gemini.


sixpointedflower Gemini is the `word.’ Friends, today’s full moon is about universal forgiveness, with an emphasis on communication, words, and networking then… watch your words! Let go of the nick-picky, critical, rhetoric which demeans and demoralizes. Especially observe the words you use to talk to `you.’

And speaking of communication… The planet of communication, mercury just went station direct, at the DEGREE of the Solar eclipse of 8/21, `a mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.’mermaid

This is a degree, obviously, of transformation through…water…ocean water specifically.  The obvious manifestation of this degree—is the powerful unprecedented hurricanes—Harvey, Irma, with Jose at its heals. As of this writing—Irma—is considered to be the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history.

The hurricanes are not the only `storms’ afloat today. The National Oceanic and atmospheric Administration reports that earth will be bombarded by an especially strong geomagnetic storm today. This occurs when the sun emits billons of tons of plasma—called coronial mass ejections—or CME’s. An obvious manifestation is the increased visibility of the northern lights. A spiritual interpretation may be– we are being bombarded by `more light.’eclipseandsigns

What does this mean for all of us? Simply put; rekindle your connection to the divine, pray, meditate and keep your heart wide open to love and compassion.  The ultimate `doorway’ which opened with the   solar eclipse on 8/21 is now being integrated.

The world may SEEM to be in a state of complete confusion, chaos and destruction. But like the allegory of the solar eclipse; the light which seemingly disappears will reappear stronger and brighter than ever.astrohealingwoman