Virgo the Virgin – I Analyze
Aug 23 – Sept 22

The symbol of Virgo the Virgin may elicit an image of boring, drab, and sex-less. Nothing could be further than the truth! In the context of astrological meanings Virgo refers to the energy of independence;  Virginal because Virgo belongs solely  to oneself. There is no striving for another. Virgo’s gifts include devotion to the idea of perfection of self. And one needs to have a self before one connects with others.

Virgo is the sign just before Libra—the relationship sign. Common wisdom reminds us to love ourselves before pursuing a partnership. Self-love starts with self care. It’s no coincidence that Virgo rules health, diet, exercise, routine and work habits; habits of a healthy whole  individual.  The ideal partnership follows after we stabilize a healthy sense of self.

Virgo shares with Gemini a planetary ruler; mercury, the mental energy of the mind, quickness, and changeability. Where we find either sign in our birth charts we find ourselves engrossed in thinking or communicating. The thinking process Virgo relies upon analysis. Where we find Virgo is where we think, evaluate, and redo. Any successful business model employs this Virgo protocol, and so it follows that Virgo rules work. It’s the way we do our work which matters to Virgo energy; technique, skill level, thoroughness.

Virgo is the humble servant always dedicated to doing its best. Many service occupations include strong Virgo types; secretaries, social workers, nurses. Shy and retiring are words to describe the Virgo temperament.  They do not seek acclaim; their reward is in a job well-done.

The flip side of productive Virgo is paralysis. Where you find  Virgo is where you strive for perfection. As long as you remind yourself that perfection only exists on the  non-physical plane, you won’t  be disappointed. Signs of negative Virgo is procrastination, dreaming away potential, and negative self-judgment. The old adage, `doing your best without looking at the rest’ is a positive antidote to Virgo negativity.