Taurus – The Bull – I Have
April 19 – May 20

`Taurus the Bull’ triggers the image of a sturdy determined oaf-like creature ready to charge (raging bull) at a moment’s notice. Money managers describe the markets as being ‘bullish’ when the financial climate supports active trading. Throughout the ages, agrarian communities calculated their wealth in terms of head of cattle.

As the first `earth sign’ Taurus energy embodies what is tangible and real; the earth relatively stable and solid. And, money is the means to the end of getting `stuff’. Matter is what matters to Taurus; money, money-making, money management and the goods derived from the manna. Expensive durable goods such as jewelry, art, cars, clothing and homes all fall under the Taurus umbrella. These images of wealth all have merit but there is more to Taurus than meets the eye.
Taurus is also about `beauty’. The Taurus ruler, Venus, symbolizes all that is beautiful, lovable and valuable. Where Taurus falls in your chart is the area of life you value. This arena can be material, conceptual or involving others. Being a good steward of what you love is Taurus energy managed skillfully.
When we value anything we may develop a dangerous desire to become overly attached to it. Left unchecked possessiveness is the result. Negative Taurus examples include the jealous controlling boyfriend who forbids his partner to talk to other men, the meddlesome mom who orchestrates the newly married couple’s social schedule. Even possessing `things’ creates problems. The classic Christmas Story of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge exemplifies the cost of valuing money over relationships.

Balanced Taurus is sensual, dependable, and loyal. Where we find Taurus we find the strength to manifest ideas into the `real world’ by patiently working our realistic plan one step at a time.

Buddha was born under the full moon during the cycle of Taurus , meaning his astrological moon was in the sign of Scorpio, the polar opposite of Taurus. His teachings reflected his chart. Buddha was born into the lap of luxury who eventually taught the practice of non-attachment. Taking a cue from the Buddha, a life lived with the balance between `things’ and `nothings’ keeps our `raging bull’ in check.