Scorpio the Scorpion – I Transform
October 23 – November 21

The base animal depicting the Scorpio energy , the scorpion, couldn’t be more repulsive. It’s in the same `family’ as spiders, eight legged giving to quick evasive movement with grasping claw-like pincers.  The creepy crawly is a predator with a poisonous stinger attached to its tail used  to kill and when in a frenzy fit, hurt itself.

The good news is this; Scorpio has two other animal images reflecting its’ nature and the complexity of its energy. The majestic  eagle and the mythological phoenix represents the evolutionary nature of Scorpio. The `king of the birds’, the eagle, surveys the landscape with grace and wisdom. The story of the phoenix is the ultimate turn-around tale; rising from its’ ashes to ultimate power.

Because Scorpio is an energy which has seen it `all’ it ultimately has the desire to assist in other’s transformation. One finds many physicians, healers, and therapists with strong Scorpio signatures. Positive Scorpio traits include psychological, transformative and inspirational.

Where you find Scorpio in your chart is where you grow through trials and tribulations… or you don’t. ` That which does not kill me strengthens me’ is the scorpion motto. And sometimes,  like the  flailing tail of the scorpion, the root of the problem is the Scorpio energy itself.

When the scorpion energy evolves from the baseness of `grasping’ to the glory of faith and surrender it can achieve true `mythological greatness.’ But before one soars one crawls. The pathway of Scorpio is beneath the surface, subtle and dark. Under the earth are great treasures; gold, gems, oil. Commodities are scorpion ruled as is the stock market.  That which lies `beneath’ our psyche ; unconscious motivations belongs to Scorpio. Why do we do the things we do? Only the shadow of Scorpio knows!

And Scorpio loves to solves mysteries. Especially the greatest mysteries of life ; sex and death. Transcendent experiences both… Scorpio plumbs the depths of the `numinous’ with an eye to soar like an eagle and evolve like a phoenix.