Sagittarius the Archer – I Seek
November 22 – December 21

The animal of Sagittarius is the mythological centaur; half man and half horse. Horses throughout millennia were the means of transport; vehicles today still refer to `horsepower.’ The  Sagittarian human/horse figure isn’t galloping aimlessly; he is posed with the archer’s bow aiming for a target.

And so, the underlying theme of Sagittarius is that of movement…forward…to `tomorrow’. Where you find Sagittarius in your chart is where you identify a goal and strive to achieve it by blending human intellect with animal instinct. Sagittarius is on the move; restless. It’s the energy of focus and goal orientation. Goals are built on beliefs. What in your life is worth striving for? What religious or philosophical belief motivates you to aim for your target?  What’s the meaning of your life? These are the questions posed by the Sagittarian energy.

Sagittarius can be blindsided by its’ beliefs. Reflect on any religious or philosophical ideology of any time and you can see how Sagittarius energy sometimes becomes tainted by bombastic inclusionary ideas. It’s `my way or the highway’ or worse. Sagittarius is the `truth’. The problem arises, often violently and horrifically, when `my truth’ isn’t identical to yours.

On a lighter side Sagittarius is true to its fiery nature; funny, playful, adventuresome. Because Sagittarius is ruled by the biggest planet, Jupiter, exaggeration, optimism and idealism follow. Sagittarius loves to travel, experience and explore. After their conquests Sagittarius  enjoys to share their ideas. Teachers and preachers generally have a good dose of Sagittarius. One can convey an idea best through story-telling, a Sagittarius trait.

It’s a beautiful thing when Sagittarius goes for its’ goal with flourish and fun; dangerous when Sagittarius insists that the world follows its one and only lead.