Pisces the Fish – I Believe
February 19 – March 19

Pisces the fish is the last but not least of the zodiac. In some ways you can say it’s the sign with the`most meaning’  because  it encapsulates the entire potential of reality.  Pisces represents the world of spirit, potential, dreams, intuition, inspiration  and `all that is’.

Think sea when you think of Pisces. Life on the planet originated from the sea, and, where there is water there is life. Our bodies are made up of mostly water; it’s the medium that holds us and everything all together. Herein lies the strength and inclusivity of Pisces. Where you find Pisces is where you swim in the realm of intuition, emotional connections, sensitivity and empathy. A person with strong Pisces is generally more `psychic’  and spiritual than others. It’s easier for them to trust their `right-brained’ guidance. This doesn’t mean that Pisces lacks intelligence; they just use `both of their brains’ with ease. Two brilliant men of science who changed the world were Pisces, namely, Einstein and Steve Jobs.

Pisces’ planetary ruler is the ancient god of the seas; Neptune. The glyph for Neptune, the trident, adorns psychology offices the world over. That which we cannot see `clearly’ , like our `psyche’ ,is Pisces ruled. Similar to its water cousin, Scorpio, Pisces deals with the unconscious,  desires, dreams, and symbolism.

The arts, especially music, dance and poetry are Pisces ruled. Since Pisces deals with the subtle symbolism of meaning it makes sense that aspects of life which are open to interpretation belong to the Pisces realm. Pisces deals with potentials and that which is `not fully formed’. Who’s to say what is the one and only correct way to interpret a piece of classical music, a poem, a dance?

As with any energy there are pitfalls. Pisces problems include confusion, being a victim or martyr, or having weak or no boundaries with others. Sometimes Pisces falls prey to addictive activities….imbibing  alcohol `spirits’, when they would be better off pursuing truly spiritual activities. The negative Pisces is the escape artist; relinquishing  the responsibility of living in the `real world’  preferring to symbolically  `float through life.’

Pisces is known for its unlimited compassion and open hearted forgiveness. Pisces truly sees the `oneness’ of this life’s experience. Jesus the Christ revolutionized the world by imploring  we forgive our enemies. His birth opened up the `Piscean Age’ of spirit and the interconnectedness of all.