Libra the Scales – I Relate
September 23 – Oct 22

Balanced, beautiful , fair-minded and social are words to describe lovely Libra. Sounds delightful, yes? Where you find the sign of the scales you find a sense of grace and diplomacy unmatched by any other energy. No wonder the brightest light in the sky, Venus, is Libra’s ruler. But as with every astrological energy there is a darker side to Libra.

Libra is depicted by the scales –the symbol of justice and fairness. Where you find Libra  in your chart you crave peace built on equilibrium. But sometimes the scales  can swing wildly, to and fro, and when it does the Libra energy suffers mightily.  These highs and lows resemble the mental disease of manic depression, or bipolar disorder. This is NOT to say that `Libras are more prone to bipolar disorder’ but rather the Libra energy itself needs to cultivate a sense of balance or else it suffers.

The glyph for Libra– an equal sign with a concave curve in the middle–is meant to resemble the setting sun. What does a sunset have to do with the fundamental proclamation of Libra which is `I relate?’  The astrological sun is the image of individuality; the self. In the dance of relationship  there is always a sense of mystery concerning the `other.’  There is always some aspect hidden from our view as we relate with our partner. And, if there is one time of day where this sense of wonder reveals itself it is at twilight; the turning of daylight into the mystery of night.

All air signs–Libra, Gemini and Aquarius-have social and cognitive skills in common. They are the logical, rationale mental signs of the zodiac relying on thinking and language to connect.  Libra takes the process of connecting to an art form as they are known for their grace, diplomacy  and good manners. In short they are `party people.’

One last drawback of the Libra energy is it’s people pleasing tendency. To know oneself one needs the definition of the `I am’ , or, Aries energy. Unbalanced Libra energy is `too nice’ without regards for oneself. And if this happens the scales begin to swing wildly. Ideally, where you find Libra is where you find  a balance between dependence and independence; `I and tho.’