Leo the Lion – I Create
July 23 – August 22

Leo the lion is the `king of the jungle.’ Sleek and powerful the lion has long been regarded as the archetype of `royalty.’ No other beast resonates a roar quite as fierce or commanding.  It’s clear why lions rule their domain. The mirror trait of the lion is its devotion to teaching its young. Imagine how parental lions, secure within their `prides’,  play with their cubs. This socialization is key to the animal’s profound success.

The ruling body of Leo is the sun, the shining star at the hub of our place in the universe. Where you find Leo energy is where you need to shine; the area where you play a leading starring role in your life. No matter what specific `sun sign’ you possess the placement of Leo is the stage where YOU need to be noticed.

Leo energy is the energy of creativity. As all life on the planet depends upon the sun and it’s life-giving rays, your sense of unbridled creative abilities  activates where Leo falls. To be creative is to lose oneself in the process of creation.  Reflect upon what gives you joy. That’s the experience of Leo. Activities we `relax’ into and lose ourselves be it sports, hobbies, play, laughter, or romance all belong to the domain of Leo.

If there’s one stage of life which reflects the Leo archetype it would be childhood. Consider reflecting upon what your young soul yearned for at around age twelve. How did you play? What activities did you enjoy? It’s never too late to connect with your `inner child’.

When we live a life filled with opportunities to `shine’ doing activities we enjoy we develop a strong sense of authentic  selfhood. We take pride in a life well-lived.  By leading our lives from our pole-star we lead others by example.

As long as the Leo energy within is given a platform to create it is happy. Otherwise, the negative traits of Leo; bossy, rude, controlling, boastful and immaturity arise. Identify your joy, and just `do it, ‘and the inner `lion’ will purr .